Whats Your Fondest Disney Memory!


I know I have quite a few, I’d like to hear yours!
Any takers? :]


Seeing Country Bear Jamboree for the first time back in 1980. It just blew me away, that these animals seemed alive, singing and speaking and funny!


I have way, way, way too many. :laugh:

Some of my absolute most memorable (not necessarily the most pleasant):

  • Having a filling come out of my tooth while eating a candy apple in MGM Studios & my Grandma having to take me to an emergency care place b/c my mouth was hurting like CRAZY. (I was 11)

  • Taking “classes” at the Disney Institute; I remember doing a radio DJ thing, cooking with chocolate, and an animation class (I was about 14-15)

  • My very first visit to Disneyland (I was 21)

  • One year during Spring Break we were RVing at Fort Wilderness and there was SUCH a terrible storm; the whole RV was shaking, the wind sounded like a tornado, and the rain was coming down so hard it sounded like bullets were hitting the RV. It was TERRIFYING.

  • Staying at AKL for the first time, it was a few days after 9/11 and everything just felt so strange. Families were stuck at the resort, everyone was very somber, yet everyone was so helpful & bonding with conversation at the resort.

  • Joining DVC! :biggrin: Also, staying at SSR for our very first “welcome home” trip.

  • RIVER COUNTRY! This used to be like my favorite place in the world! :heart: I vividly remember going down the Whoop ‘n’ Holler Hollow slides SO fast that I’d get a mouth of lake water everytime I came out the bottom of the slide.

  • riding Big Thunder Mountain over and over… and over again. That ride just made me laugh uncontrollably when I was little… ok, still does! :heart:


My fondest memories to date include Piglet coming up to my son and blowing him a kiss during the electrical parade at MK and Santa Claus wishing my youngest a happy birthday during a Christmas parade at the Magic Kingdom.


My first kiss from Mickey! :heart:


Our last night on out 1st FAMILY trip and the ducks swimming with my now 10 year old then 2 at CBR

When my 7year old then 3 seen mickey for the 1st time. She was sitting on my DH shoulders for the electric magic parade. She was so scared she peed all over his back.


On our first trip, our DD Annie, then almost 2, was so good about meeting the characters, she wasn’t scared at all. One night, we went to meet King Louie and Baloo. It was towards the end of the night and we had a few extra minutes with them. The CM assisting them took an interest in Annie, and was talking to her about her favorite parts of WDW. A couple days later, we were back at MK, and went to meet Aladdin. As soon as we walked up, Aladdin says to DD, “Hey, aren’t you Annie, who met Baloo and King Louie the other night? They told me all about you and said to tell you hello.” DH and I were blown away - it just happened that Aladdin was the very same CM who was helping the other night and had spent time with DD. We were hooked already on WDW, but that experience has cemented our obsession.


My first trip to MK when I was 6 yrs old 31 years ago. (Can’t believe it has been that long) The first time I saw the castle I was hooked for life. Also eating at CP when it was cafeteria style. Always ordered the Stuffed Cabbage. The first time my ds met Mickey Mouse. So many memories. Ok this is the big one. Seeing the Mickey Mouse Revue in the 70’s, for those of you that never saw it…it was wonderful check it out on You tube. I love it and I was so disappointed that they never brought it back. Hope you all enjoy and remember the memories this brings…
YouTube - The Mickey Mouse Revue, Walt Disney World 1971


The first time I took my DD . . . she was 5! We walked on to Main Street and she looked up . . . saw the castle and did a DOUBLE GASP, BLINK, BLINK! Then the excitement just rose from her toes to the top of her head!! And she started jumping up and down and hugging me!

It was :heart: at first sight for her . . . and I get teary thinking about it!! :blush:


I have soooo many…most of them involve our son. Just seeing how happy he is in WDW is the best. He is truly a Disney lover just like his mom and dad. A lot of my favorite memories or whatever really involve feelings of anticipation:

I love the anticipation of waking up in the morning on your first day in WDW and having the whole week ahead of you…walking through the arch onto Main Street and seeing the castle for the “first time this trip”…The very moment the “Wishes” music starts to play…feeling the heat on my face and knowing I am about to take the plunge on Tower of Terror…Hearing the words “You best be turning aorund”…

I do have a special memory that I have written about on here before so I won’t go into huge detail but it was the week of 9/11/01. We were there the week it happened and WDW was an incredible place to be that week.

My one very very all time favorite memory was my son’s very first ride. He was 15 months old and we took him on It’s a Small World. His face was so priceless. I don’t even know what was going through his head at the time but his mouth was open and his eyes were like quarters for the entire ride. I will never forget it.:heart:


I have so many, it seems impossible to just pick one.

I’d probably have to say the first time I took DH to DL and the first time I took DH to WDW…too many fond memories on both of those trips, so I count the whole vacation! :happy:

I can’t wait to make more memories with DH and (of course) DD. :heart:


Being first in line to enter Magic Kingdom with the family Christmas Morning 2006.:mickey: :santa:


My fondest was when we took DD (then barely 5) for the first time. It was the Year 2000 celebration, and they had some sort of special international exhibit set up at EPCOT in a huge tent sort of structure - one of those big tents with real doors etc much like a building. We were waiting around for the parade and it started to rain, so we decided to duck into the exhibit to get out of the rain. As we entered a CM told us we’d have to take DD out of her stroller and fold it up - which we did. Then the CM told us to wait a ,inute and disappeared. We couldn’t figure out what the problem was since we had already followed her stroller instructions.

She came back a couple of minutes later with a towel and dried off DDs legs. She said it was cool inside because of the air conditioning and she didn’t want DD to be uncomfortable! That’s the magic of WDW that some people just don’t understand!


I have soooo many!!!

I think the most memorable, profound was on my very first trip. We rented a car and when we drove through the Welcome to WDW sign I could physically feel the difference of being at WDW and being anywhere else. I had never experienced WDW before and I instinctively knew that beyond that sign, magic was waiting for me!



A young family friend will be joining us on our Sept trip and I asked what were his “must do’s” so we could fit them into the schedule. His only “must do” was going to his “happy place”. He went to WDW as a child of 5 or 6 with his family and, as expected, was continually running ahead of the group. When Mom would call telling him to stop he would sit and wait for them to catch up. This became the standard, he would run ahead, mom would call “that’s far enough” and he would sit. He carries one very vivid memory of sitting on the walkway between Splash & Thunder mountain. Watching the steamboat, the people, the smells, the bubbling excitement of being on an awesome vacation with Mom & Dad, it’s all stayed with him as a cherished memory.

This is his “must do” - “I want to go to my happy place.”


My son was 7 and it was his first trip. We were watching the parade on Main Street and Cinderella came over to him, grabbed his hand and walked him out into the parade. They were started dancing and when they were done she gave him a big lipstick kiss on the check. He turned red with a grin from ear to ear. Its my favorite picture.


My 50th B-day at Park Fare when the chef asked if there were any B-days in the room and I got to go into the kitchen and decorate my own cake with 10 or so little kids doing the same thing. I was the only big kid.


Mine is when DD was just 3 we took her for the first time to WDW. She really believed all the characters were absolutely real. The highlight of one day was when she met Minnie Mouse,and Minnie made a fuss about DD’s shoes being so pretty. The way DD looked at Minnie in that moment was with a mixture of magic, innocence, and belief- a priceless moment-never forgotten