What's your "Holy Grail?"


No, not like the Holy Grail Indy was looking for in his last movie, but the pin you desire most. In the world of pin collectors the “Holy Grail” referrs to the pin you would give a hemisphere of your brain for, fall over dead if somebody traded with you, or would sell your first (and maybe even consider selling your second) born son for.

My holy grail is the pin known as Mickey for President. It features Mickey standing in front of the American flag with the words “Mickey For President” on it. It’s a limited edition of 1000. I saw it on e-bay for almost $200, but that was before things in this country got rough. With the recent outpouring of patriotisim in the US I’m sure the value of this pin has shot up to much more than that!

Why is this my “Holy Grail?” Not because of the value, but because it’s hard to get. I consider it a challenge to get this pin, without giving up my whole collection (which is still well under 50, sadly :() or having to make like Jabez Stone in “The Devil and Daniel Webster” and sell my soul to old “Scratch.”

What’s your Holy Grail?


OK, well I don’t have the Mickey for President, or the Inaguration pin, and those would be nice to have, but I would have to say that I have three Holy Grails, if that is legal. The first would be the “Wet Paint” pin with Donald. The second would be the Test Track “Road Tested” pin (both dated 1998 and 1999) and the third would be the Restaurant Marrakesh pin. I guess that would be four pins, wouldn’t it.


Woah, wait a minute mickey, you violated section 3.56.7 paragraph XII line 12 of the official Disney Pin traders code.

No pin collector may, at any time, have more than ONE and one only “holy grail” pin. Any collector who fails to obey this guideline is subject to attack by killer lemurs from Mongolia.

So, with that said, I think you might want to watch out! I hear those lemurs can jump pretty far! :wink:


Ok, then I will limit the holy grail to the Restaurant Marrakesh pin. I just can’t seem to find one anywhere. The others are somewhat available, so I will stick with that one.