Whats your one favorite pin?


Just wanted to see what everyones 1 favorite pin is and why.

I am relatively new to the pin trading/collecting but my one favorite is the hidden mickey survey marker pin. Being an engineer it seems pretty cool.


I am a fan of all hidden mickey and CM exclusive pins, but DD has this one Pooh pin that I have always liked most of all. It’s an old fashioned pooh in a xmas setting on a stamp. I refused to allow her to trade it…lol

Speaking of pins, DD is done with the trading scene. I have tons of traders if you are looking to buy any.


My personal favorite is a Chip and Dale one we have from the AKL. We don’t trade them though, my kids could never give up any of their pins!


My favorite pin was given to me by a very dear Mousebuzzer it’s a license plate with the word “Dopey” on it and then the next one from the same friend is a Dopey with his Christmas hat


Dana, are you serious about this? We may be interested!


Another cool pin is the 5 legged goat from the contemporary. Has a hidden mickey as well.


rocketeer pin


Here is my favorite. I keep this one on my bowling bag.


I have one pin. So it’s my favorite. :laugh: It’s a miniature of the Disneyland berm sign.


Casablanca minnie and mickey