What's your Top Ten?


If you were to rank the WD restaurants, which ten would be on top? Let’s say table service for dinner.

Here’s mine (I think)

  1. California Grill
  2. Coral Reef
  3. Boma
  4. 'Ohana
  5. Whispering Canyon
  6. Le Cellier
  7. Hoop Dee Doo
  8. Liberty Tree Tavern
  9. Biergarten
  10. Crystal Palace


Well, I haven’t done much fine dining… more like character/family stuff.

I’m gonna skip the resort restaurants and just do parks.


The Garden Grill
Coral Reef
Liberty Tree Tavern
Donald’s Breakfastosaurus
Sci-Fi Dine-In
Brown Derby
Crystal Palace
Hollywood & Vine
Tony’s Town Square
Rose & Crown Pub

Yeah… not positive on that order. It’s not easy.


Here are mine:

  1. Crystal Palace
  2. Hoop de Doo
  3. Le Cellier
  4. Ohana
  5. Biergarten
  6. 1900 Park Fare
  7. 50’s Prime Time
  8. Whispering Canyon
  9. Spoodles
  10. Chef Mickey’s


Oh gosh! This is hard! I am sure I am forgetting some.

  1. Rose and Crown
  2. Ohana
  3. Le Cellier
  4. Boma
  5. Whispering Canyon
  6. Beirgarten
  7. 50’s Prime Time
  8. Grand Floridian Cafe
  9. Capn’ Jacks
  10. Liberty Tree Tavern

Gosh…I feel like I am missing somewhere.


Top 10 must do Table Service… but not in any particular order…

50’s Prime Time
Trails End
Sci Fi
San Angel Inn
House of Blues
Rose & Crown (without kids)


Okay, there are still alot I want to try but of the ones I’ve had (dinner anyway):

  1. Le Cellier
  2. O’Hana
  3. 1900 Park Fare
  4. Liberty Tree Tavern

Those are my 4 favorite dinners. Trying a bunch more in November. We’ve done alot of lunch and breakfast.


Some of these are almost unheard of because they aren’t on the dining plan and they don’t get discussed much around here, but they do offer discounts for AP holders and DVC members.

Fulton’s Crab House (not on DDP)
House of Blues (not on DDP)
California Grill
Flying Fish Cafe
Wolfgang Puck Cafe
Todd English’s bluezoo (not on DDP, no discounts)
Tokyo Dining (ala carte sushi can get real expensive fast!)
Yachtsman’s Steakhouse
Emeril’s (Universal Citywalk, REALLY NOT ON DINING PLAN!!)


Crystal Palace
1900 Park Fair
Donald’s (based on Breakfastosaurus, not Safari Breakfast)
Cape May Cafe
Chef Mickey’s
Kona Cake


Great thread!!!

My list is based on how much the restaurant means to us, not how great the food is (though many of them are fantastic!)

  1. Ohana
  2. Hollywood Brown Derby
  3. Boma
  4. Le Cellier
  5. Spoodles
  6. Biergarten
  7. Fulton’s
  8. Frontierland Turkeyleg Cart
  9. Rose & Crown
  10. Cantina


:laugh: I don’t think I’ve BEEN to 10 TS restaurants! :laugh:

Okay, counting them up… it’s been exactly 10… but I don’t think I’d put them all on a list.

  1. Artist Point
  2. Coral Reef
  3. 'Ohana
  4. Boma
  5. Crystal Palace (breakfast)

And really… I’d got to Tangierine Cafe before several of these. :wub:


1- Artist Point
2- Le Cellier
3- Artist Point
4- Le Cellier
5- Artist Point
6- Le Cellier
7- Boma
8- Artist Point
9- Le Cellier
10- Boma

:laugh: :laugh: For me, it’s really a top-three list…


I thought that too…:wub: :wub: …but oh well.:laugh: I love a chicken schawrma platter like I love my feet.


:laugh: Good one Bella, I’ll have to remember that next time my DH wants to have lunch there. I’ve tried but I just can’t do it.


Do you mean to say the chicken schawrma tastes like feet or just toe nails?


:laugh: both.

I love the schawrma platter just like I love my feet. My feet as essential to my life. And I get to buy pretty shoes to put on them. Life would stink without feet. And without a schawrma platter.


Bella and I are of the same mind for #1 although I only have a Top 6

  1. Rose & Crown
  2. Whispering Canyon Cafe
  3. Concourse Steakhouse
  4. Yak & Yeti
  5. Chef Mickey’s
  6. Sci-Fi


if money was no object-
Hoop de do
California Grill
Le Cellier
Crystal Palace breakfast
50’s Primetime
Fultons Crab House
Turkey leg on the fly
Kona for breakfast
sci fi

its not that I like some of the bottom ones better - but I had both good and bad experiances at many other places so I just did not count them at all


Rose & Crown
Il Mulino
Prime Time
Le Cellier
1900 Park Faire
Crystal Palace
Trails End


Based on the criteria of having several wow meals my list would be…

  1. Flying Fish
  2. California Grill
  3. Brown Derby
  4. Jiko
  5. blueZoo
  6. Citricos
  7. Artist Point

I have a few others that I like and consider “old reliables” but they don’t match up to the ones listed above.


Oh yea! I will follow SG’s lead with the distinction between meals too. This is my list:

  1. California Grill
  2. Nacroosees
  3. Le Cellier
  4. Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe & Express too!
  5. Ohana
  6. Jiko
  7. Tangerine Cafe
  8. Liberty Tree Tavern
  9. Biergarten
  10. Kona Cafe


  1. Crystal Palace
  2. Ohana
  3. Chef Mickeys
  4. Kona Cafe
  5. Boma
  6. Donalds Breakfastasoarus
  7. Captain Cooks (Poly)