Whcih on,BWV or VWL?


Ok would like to know which one you would choose and why. I am just comparing resorts, not particularly what surrounds them. I can get to anything my Disneys transportation. I am looking at rooms,beds things offered at the resort,and just general things(game room,pool,etc)


Oh, that’s a tough choice (we’re looking at those two for an upcoming trip, too). I haven’t stayed at either but have “toured” both. Can’t tell you anything about rooms, but both are lovely resorts.

The DVC part of the BWV is prominant, and what really makes up the resort. The VWL seem like second-thought and are kind of secluded from the main resort.


I’ve stayed at both as a DVC member and to be honest WLV holds a slight edge for me over BWV. Reasons:


  • boat to the MK & fast bus service
  • GORGEOUS pool area with a bonus quiet pool on the Villas side (they are close to each other too, so you can even hop back & forth if you get bored of the scenery)
  • small sand beach area with lounge chairs
  • GREAT dining options; Roaring Forks has EXCELLENT quick service meals; & of course you have Whispering Canyon & Artist Point. You also have quick access to all the dining options at Fort Wilderness & the Contemporary easily by boat & they boast some great dining options too.
  • I personally think ‘Sturdy Branches’ is a nicer gym area than the one at Boardwalk.
  • The room decor is rustic & warm, the lobby is grand & AMAZING with a huge fireplace & hot spring inside, heck even the resort STORE has a fireplace in it.


  • lack of quick service food options (many times we had to walk over to the World Showcase just to get a quick serice meal even though we didn’t want to enter a park on that particular afternoon)
  • bus service isn’t always stellar
  • the resort always just seemed ‘louder’ & nosier to me for some reason, especially the pool area & hallways near the elevators & lobby area.

PS: Boardwalk does have a lot of excellent qualities obviously I think I just prefer WLV slightly for those reasons above. :smile:


VWL is our home resort, and I completely agree with this.

The VWL pool is very small; they call it “the Quiet Pool.” It has a hot tub and a small boring pool (although there are underwater vertical jets). Our kids always want to go to the resort pool, but they are happy with the quiet pool if the resort pool is crowded.

The game room is shared with the resort; I’ve never been in it. It looks pretty small to me.

Access to the bus stop is as good or better than the resort; access to the boat dock is farther away. The quick service place is a hike from the VWL; I really wish they would put a beverage station.

For my family, though, the resort theming at VWL is the reason to stay there. Definitely a personal choice thing.

Never been to BWV.