When all the resorts are full?


So, what does everyone think:

We are going May 4th through the 13th.
A friend that wanted to join us last minute was unable to find a room ANYWHERE on property.

So, you think it’s going to be packed??

We picked the 4th of May cuase we thought it would be pretty slow.


Wow, that’s scary. We always go in the summer and manage but we were hoping for a little lighter crowds this trip since we are going in May. I guess we’ll go in expecting it to be just as busy as it normally is for us and if it’s not then it will be a nice surprise.


Uh oh. I’ll be there during that time too!!! :noo:

I just went last minute this weekend for a day trip, and we couldn’t get a hotel. (we weren’t surprised… Easter weekend… but we were hoping to get lucky) But it wasn’t really that bad. Everything had a wait, but with fastpass, it was manageable. I think it’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

Have a great trip!!!


We will be there as well…I picked this time because a lot of DCers said it’s a great time to go. SO, I am holding out faith that they were right! :happy:


We were there the first week of May last year when the HCOE was starting…other than MK the DAY of the kick-off the parks were all really manageable. We had a great time!


Really it still comes up as rooms available on line.
Mabey all the rooms were gone with AP rate or something like that.


Dont trust the rooms available online. I know for a fact Disney oversells their rooms. I remember the first christmas as a CM and they turned away guests because they over sold their resort and had to find them rooms outside of the WDW resorts. They way they were picking who got to stay at the resort was by who paid the most. SCARY :eek:


That’s funny, I just went on line for a test and booking packages from May 3 to May 9 was able to get All Star Sports. They also offered All Star Music as an alternative. I went all the way through to the purchase screen and they were available.


it depends on that actual dates that are entered into the computer I think. Tall her to call a travel agent. there should be rooms there… I tried to change hotel rooms with a code and was told that there was nothing… However, i found out that it was wide open for rooms, but with my code I could not change hotels… Goodluck to your friend!


Weird, is there something REALLY exciting going on at the Flower & Garden festival this year? hehe!

I don’t know, it surprises me that ALL the resorts would be sold out, especially that time in May. DH and I used to go around the 2nd week of MAy every year and it was THE BEST, it was NEVER busy!


I hope it is not to busy, will be there at the same time. We were there last May and the crowds were not too bad even with the 50th, just starting. We can only hope for lower crowds, but if not that is ok we will be in WDW!!!


The Unofficial Guide lists those days as “6’s” & “7’s.” Expect peak wait times of 55-75 minutes at major attractions.

Frankly, I’m a little suprise. It’s too early for mid-west schools to be out, and it’s final exam time for mid-west colleges. Does the East Coast get out earlier?


Yeah, northern schools are DEFINATELY not out of school by early May. I don’t think most Florida school even get out until around the 3rd week of May.


Have your friend call again, you never know, the CM could have accidently entered the wrong dates.


I went in that time frame last year and the parks were not bad at all.


In situations such as these, my advice is to …


He’ll get to the bottom of it - and probably find a room for your friend as well.


At first we booked at the CBR but I really wanted to stay at the Contemporary. When I looked into it they were completely booked and that seemed really strange to me so I waited a few days and checked again. When I did they had plenty of vacancies. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


I’d try different places–Orbitz, Hotels.com, Expedia. They may have been the ones who bought the rooms out!


Youre right :slight_smile: My kids get out May 18 (that is why we are going to WDW on the 20th) And some of the schools in south FL get out a week or more later to make up storm days.


You shouldn’t be worrying about schools being out until Memorial Day weekend.