When and Where can I find a good deal to


Miami Fl. My friend wants me to go with him to Miami Fl to catch a Dolphins game :glare: this season. He has never been on a plane. We are looking to go in sept or oct and outta Philly. Thanks for any help :heart:


I always use www.orbitz.com when I am comparing flights. I fly into West Palm, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami pretty often and I always find fares on Orbitz a tad cheaper than Travelocity. That’s just my experience but I really like Orbitz.

They also send auto-notifications to your cell phone, if you wish, to notify you of any delays, cancellations, or last minute notifications on your specific flight!
It rocks!


Look at South West. They out out some really good deals. In June it’s gonna cost $59 to fly to Orlando for BWI. But the Philly price is just as nice.


Thanks guys…


Another few airlines to take a peek at are USA 3000 and Airtran. They all run about the same but sometimes run sales when the other isn’t. Can’t hurt to take a peek. Please keep in mind that whenever airtran runs a sale, us airs has the same exact price as they do. That may play in your favor as US airs has better flight times and flights that run more often.


I’ve been able to get good deals to from Philly to FL on both Southwest and Airtran. That’s definitely where I would start…


Try www.kayak.com. It will compare the prices and let you know who is the cheapest for what you are looking for.


Fly out of AC instead on Spirit. That’s always been cheaper for me than any Philly fare.


That’s definately another alternative. I haven’t been lucky with them however. Every time I check their prices, they are high. My DD’s friend went at xmas and her mom was able to get $100 RT tickets from them…2 days before she left. I wouldn’t be able to hold out that long…I’d have an anxiety attack. :eek:


True. When I fly home, I wait until the SyberSpecials come out for the time period I want to go since I rarely have to go home on any specific date. I just take the cheapest rate I can get and go then. I’ve flown to AC from Myrtle Beach for $49 each way.

That’s another thing, btw. Sign up for the weekly SyberSpecials.


thanks all for the info. I will def check out all the ideas. Im gonna start today since the fare will probally be cheaper.