When are Extra Magic Hours released/posted?


. . . like for Christmas week?

Sorry if this question has been asked/answered before but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Planning meals before we know the parks/hours has been rather difficult!

As always, thanks.


I think EMH are alreay out for December:

Walt Disney World Resort - Extra Magic Hours


Thanks, DT! :flowers:

(It wasn’t there the last time I checked. Which might be a while ago. :blush: I should have checked first.)


Hey, no problem. Have fun planning!


thanks for asking ~ we are not going until jan. 2007, but the EMH are out for Jan. now too!! would not have checked this far out had you not asked re: your dec. trip :slight_smile:


well darn - that stinks- I checked with the hopes that Feb might be there and its up till Jan- doesnt that just figure!


I know I did the same thing for Apr and that’s not there either! The rudeness! :laugh: :laugh: …Okay, okay, so it was a long shot ( a very long shot indeed!) but I so wanna start planning! :laugh:


We’re going in April, so me too! :laugh: Does anyone know when the EMH for April will be posted?



6 months in advance! February’s schedule will be out in August. April’s schedule in September.

In the meantime, IT’S MORE THAN 6 MONTHS AWAY. Go outside and enjoy your summer.


:laugh: You have a good point there! I guess I’m too impatient sometimes, and I also love planning Disney trips :mickey: