When are Land/Sea Prices released?


Good morning… need a little help here. Next years disney EXTRAVAGANZA was SUPPOSED to be a 7 day land/sea package scheduled for some time in the first two weeks of December, so that I could see Disney decorated for Christmas for the very first time… :wub: and shall I even dare say go to Mickey’s christmas Party??? :angel:

As I have started scavenging for prices, as i like to plan early, no prices are available; and apparently no one can give me an estimate as to when prices may be available. I have been able to price and get dates for cruise only in 2010. One travel agent even went so far as to say that “DISNEY MAY NOT OFFER THE LAND/SEA PACKAGES IN 2010!”…blasphemy!! :wacko:

So my questions to the masses:

  1. If you have purchased a land/sea package in the past, do you remember how late/early the prices/dates were released?

  2. Has anyone heard that Disney may not offer the land/sea package for 2010?

  3. What alternative would you suggest if I can’t get the land/sea package…all Disney or all cruise?



Wow! i really thought I’d have a bite by now… of course, I’ve never been known to have too much patience!! :whistling


We are doing land than sea this Oct. We didn’t book it together…maybe you can try looking into that. We are doing the park first then a 3 night cruise. I know on Disney Cruise Line they have dates up from Dec. 2010. i hope find what you want.


I considered doing that, kinda creating my own land/sea package. Do you know if it works out to the same price at that point?

I was told that I have to wait until august or september when the land prices are released to get a land/sea package price; if they even exist. If I booked the sea portion now, I could book the land portion in August/Sept, but if there is some type of land/sea pkg could I chang eit to that? I’m rambling…



I am not sure of the price since we used DVC points for the hotel. You should be able to change it.