When are park hours released?


I saw that park hours are only released through June right now. Anyone know when they’ll release more? I can’t do any planning for our Sept trip until I know the parade and EMH schedules! TIA!


I think that the way it goes now is present month plus the next three months. So - it would be March (present month) plus April, May, and June.


I was trying to plan for September as well, I went to Walt Disney World park hours, fireworks and parade times, Disney World park hours they have what they think the hours will be based on last year. I’ve used this and then will change accordingly if things aren’t the same.


I am looking as well! I hate that they are not going out farther. It hinders planning.


They’ve been terrible with these park hour calendars unfortunately. In theory by the end of June the whole month of September should be posted. Although, by the time I hit my 90 day window to make ADRs the last two days of my trip still weren’t listed. I still don’t know the parks hours of my last two days so I just kinda made ADRs that didn’t matter where we were. They even left out June 30th when they posted the June calendar, it still may not be there. :laugh:


Yup, just checked, June 30th still doesn’t exist in WDW. :laugh:


Thanks! This is what I’ve had to do in the past. I couldn’t remember where I had found the past hours. I’ll bookmark it this time. :blush:


Now that we can’t book dining until 90 days out park hours aren’t coming out as early as in the past. I understand why Disney made the change but it makes it harder for the planners to plan.

I’m still waiting for July hours to come out so I can plan our parks/ADRs.


Oh my gosh, I just saw that this is going to be your little Alexandra’s first trip!!! How cute, what a great celebration, you’ll have to get a ‘First Trip’ button to put on her buggy!


Hours are being released later and later. Especially now that ADRs are made 90 days out! I LOVED having park hours 6 months in advance. For planners, this new system takes a little getting used to.

Happy planning, Tara…and enjoy your DDs first trip!!! :wub: I remember when I took my kids for the first time…DH says those trips are when the brainwashing began. :laugh::laugh::laugh:


I’m a compulsive planner, sitting down every night and tweaking what I did the night before. I really appreciated the 180 day ADR window because once I got that all nailed down I could relax. Well, relax and tweak!


I hear ya! I hate that they have not released the park hours! This new rule stinks!!! I don’t really mind the 90 days ADR thing, but I like to see where we are going to be! Planning is definately harder!


Yep! And, since our vacation dates are so close to our anniversary and her birthday (on the same day Oct 7, 2 years apart…:glare:) we’ll be celebrating those too.

We’re planning to meet up with my best friend who will be there with her DH and 4 children. Hopefully we can all do MNSSHP together and have Ally Rae and her little guy’s first haircuts together on Main St.! Our babies are 3wks apart so they’ll both be about a year old. :slight_smile: What an opportunity for pics, right?! :mickey:

iluvwdw, yes, the brainstorming has already begun! I play Disney music in the car when we’re out and about (Wishes, SpectroMagic, Music from the Parks, etc). :cool: And, we were snowed in this weekend so we watched Aladdin, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Mulan. :happy:


I feel your pain. I want to be planning my trip too. I have been thinking about dining already. I am wanting to try some new places.

I really don’t like that the calendars aren’t available yet. By this time last year I had all my ADR’s made. I’m not complaining, really, it just takes some getting used to.


Where did I read it? WDW is doing park hours, event times, 90 days out now. It was announced by them recently.


OMG. That’s awful. I guess I’ll have to just plan with my best guess (aka 2008’s hours) and hope it’s close. How does Disney expect us to make ADR’s at 90 days out when we have NO other info until then? :confused: That’s a bit frustrating.


I thought Sept hours were coming out today :confused:
I checked out the 08 link and for 16th it said MNsSHP but I know it isn’t on the 16th this year because that’s Madisons bday and I would have purchased tickets.


Well you can now access the Sept 2009 calander but it has no info on it!!! I’m hoping that by the time I get home from work it will be up!


Where??? On disney site??? I have about 50 girl scout patches to sew on my DD vest so I hope by the time I’m done it will show it! Whoohoo


I am also looking for the Sept. park hours. I hot glued those badges on when my daughter was in scouts!