When are resorts decorated for Christmas


We’re going Nov. 13 - 19

I know when we went about this time a couple years ago POP’s tree was up, but I didn’t realize how each resort was decorated for Christmas, especially the GF with the gingerbread house.

Will all the resorts be decorated at this time? What about the GB house?


We were there from 11/15- 11/23 last year. the resorts were being decorated during our stay. We were lucky enough to see decorations at many resorts including the gingerbread house!


Sue, the first MVMCP is around the 10th of November, which means that they have mostly decorated the parks and resorts by then :wink:


The day after Thanksgiving, although they have to get the MK set by the day of the first Christmas party.
On the other hand, it all starts coming down by sunrise January 1 and is pretty much gone by sundown January 2.


I hope I get to see WL and GF decorated. I think they will be the prettiest.

Of course, I just loved the MK too, with all the wreaths stretched.

AND… nothing is like Osborne Light show


They always are.


have fun anyone going during the holidays pics pls