When can I book my trip?


Regarding a trip to WDW in late January, does anyone know when it is possible to book the whole deal or should I do it bit by bit?
My intentions are to go through mouseketrips,

                            But hey, ya never know



I don’t think that you can do it online yet and I don’t know anything about mouseketrips…but if you call the 407 number you should be able to book it now. Just be sure to watch for any uncoming discounts…It’s easy to call and apply the discount to an already booked trip as long as you are outside the (I think it is) 60 day change/cancel time period.


Disney has not yet released package prices for 2007. They have released room rates for next year, so right now, you can only book room only reservations, and not package reservations. Rumor has it we will see packages next week sometime. If you are planning on doing a package, then I would wait. If you want to do room only, you can do that now.