When Can I Make ADRs?


It’s been a couple of years since we last went, and back then you could only make ADRs with your guest number. IIRC, you could book up to 180 days from your arrival date, for the length of your trip. Now I am hearing that anyone can book, you don’t need a guest number. So can I still make ADRs 180 days from the day we arrive, or do we have to book 180 days from the day we would like the ADR? My 180 days out in Mon or Tues, but that’s 180 from our arrival date. Need to know when I’ll be able to book.


I’m pretty sure it’s like this:

Anyone can book a straight 180 days out from the date they want to make a ressie.

Only people with a guest number can book their entire length of stay 180 days out from the first day of their vacation.


Would I need to call with my guest # or can I make them online?


Oooh. Now you’ve stumped me. :laugh:

Mousesavers says if you’ve got your reservation # you can do it online. (My Google-fu is powerful!) :laugh: Or by phone. Either way.


We made ours online:happy:


You can do it online for your whole stay IF you put your reservation number in the online system so that it knows that you have a reservation. ::mickey: