When can I make reservations?


First of, I found MouseBuzz by accident a couple month ago and can not believe all the great info on here!!! That was the best computer accident I’ve had:laugh: Anyway, I am hoping someone can help me this question. We are planning our next trip to WDW for the spring of 2008. I called AAA and they said that they were not allowed to book any farther ahead then 12-31-07 but to try back late November. Next I called WDW to see if it was just a AAA thing and if I went through WDW I could get it done (just a LITTLE excited by the thought of planning another trip:blush:). The CM I spoke with said that I wouldn’t be able to make reservations until August of 07. Is this a new thing? I know that for our last trip (4/06) we made the res. about a year ahead.


Hi Janie,
I just made reservations for Dec. 27, 2007 through Jan. 6, 2008 at Fort Wilderness. Disney will make reservations up to 500 days in advance. If you have your dates you plan on going just count back 500 days.


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NurseTK…thank you! It took me a while to count the days and then subtract. I had to use my fingers AND toes to do all that math! But I now have it figured out and in 50 days…Novenber 7 to be exact…I can call and make reservations for my family, my brother’s family and my parent’s to stay at Fort Wilderness for 13 nights!!! Hooray!!!
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