When did you first become a regular?


Hello all, my first trip was in 1967 when i was 5, i didnt go again till i was 16 and got my first job it was 1978 and i went 7 times that year, thats the year i became a Disneyland regular.

how about you?


Welcome to DC!

My parents took us when my sister and I were Elementary aged. Then, we went again when I was in High School and had so much fun we went again the next year. (This was when our school systems had the week long fall break too) After convincing a few adult doubters, the whole extended family goes together. And still loves each other when we get back!


Hi there BFG3dfx!

I went a lot when I was small, but it tapered off through grade school. Then, in the mid 80’s when I was in HS, I started going at least once a year. Then I moved to LA and went all the time. After I moved from LA, I went maybe once a year then there was a time I didn’t go for 5 years I think :eek: That was wayyyyyy to long to go :mickey:


ty mlsexton in glad to be here
hi to you too daisyd

wow you both have countdowns to WDW, thats great, i grew up in L.A. then san diego, i just moved up to tehachapi, up by bakersfield but im planing on 3 visits this year, just went in december.


My first time to WDW was when I was 11 y/o. My whole family was addicted from that day. Since then, we’ve been almost every year. My next trip will be my 21st…


Small World :mickey:

My family lived in Teachapi when I was born, but my mom had me at Bakersfield Memorial as this was 1969 and she didn’t want to have me in the Dr’s office there. However, the drive was long and I am number 6 so I was nearly born in the waiting room, lol.

Where do you like to stay when you go to Disneyland? I wish I were closer, I miss waking up and deciding to go for the day.


When I started eating more fiber.

Hey welcome to DC, too.


Hehehe, that’s funny :laugh:

Welcome to DC BFG3dfx! :pirate:


Who didn’t see THAT coming?!

Welcome to DC!!! I believe you will like it here!

My first trip to WDW was in 1972 and I have managed to go at least once a year since…of course the best visit was in 1992 when Splash Mountain opened!!


I’ve never been to DL :sad:


ty Boss Mouse and dhoughton i like it here already, wish i woulda found it sooner.

daisyd, i still just go for the day still, ive stayed at the Disneyland hotel 3 times, those are always big events for me lol, i still rememeber the padle boats at the hotel. where do you live now? still in cali?


Once again I get caught in the DL thread instead of WDW…well Kipp, if it makes you feel any better I have never been in my right mind.


thats ok Kippage, when did you become a regular of any of the Disney parks

P.S. ive never been to WDW, i know i know but ireally wanna go so bad


Yes, still in CA, in the San Francisco bay area. 5 1/2 hours from the Mouse :mickey:


Ah, you’re a ways up there alright daisyd, you must do 2 or 3 day stays then huh, ive been thinking about a 2 day stay at one of the Disney hotels again but since ive been doing the AP i havent done it, do AP holders get any Disney hotel deals? guess ishould look that up


Haven’t been to Disneyland in years, mainly because its on the other side of the country. But WDW… too many times to count. Hopefully I’ll hit DL next year.


I’d like to get there on day (DL). A buddy talked me into going to WDW when I was 19. I’ve stuck ever since. (about 2 years)


1989 - I was 6 and went with my parents. We then tried to hit WDW every other year. (Those off years were spent on smaller trips - New Orleans, Smokies, ATL, etc)


thats great, since im from california its always disneyland but im going to trying to make WDW this year or next, my freind i went to disneyland last with lives in japan, shes been to disneyland,WDW,disney japan and disney hong kong, id love to make it to all those disney parks, ive even thought of moving out there and working at WDW for a 6 months or a year


I went maybe once a year since I was about 5 or 6. And then MORE than that once I was in college and in charge of my own plans.

Now I’m across the country and not a regular anymore. :crying: