When do I get an AP discount?


Hello everyone and thanks in advance for any info. When you buy AP’s can you take advantage of hotel discounts before you actually activate the AP’s. We are going in Feb '05, and if I buy the AP’s before we actually go, like before hotel discounts come out for 2005, can I get the AP discount when I see the code at DC? Thanks


Yes you can! That’s exactly what I am doing for my upcoming trip. I have read that most of the time the AP is not asked for upon check in and I have also read about others who just showed the AP voucher when asked. To be on the safe side for me I think I will stop by DTD to have mine activated before checking in.


As a matter of fact, us budget limited folks keep calling back until we find a CM who doesn’t ask to verify the AP information… so that way we don’t have to pay for the vouchers until later.

If they INSIST when I call back to make my deposit, I’ll buy one voucher… which is all you need to get the AP Discount.