When do the Christmas decorations go up?


Hey everyone. I’ve been to DL at Christmas for the last 8 years and all of the decorations are usually up by the first week of November. I’m hearing a nasty rumor though that they won’t be up until the 16th or so. What’s up?


I have only been to DL in the Spring so I don’t know about THEIR Christmas decorations unfortunately but WDW starts to get ALL decked out around the 2nd week of November too. It’s usually RIGHT as the Food & Wine festival ends. Maybe DL is starting to take that cue also? The 16th is when the “Thanksgiving Week” people start checking in so maybe they are planning the decorations to coincide with that.


Usually they put up the christmas decorations right after Halloween. :cool:

I will know for sure in 9 days…:wub:


In my past experience most of the decorations start going up around Veteran’s Day weekend. I love going during that time of the year, it is the BEST! :biggrin: