When do they tape the christmas parade @ MK?


Just wondering if anyone knew the date that they would tape the Christmas parade in the MK.


I think it’s the first Saturday in December most years.


I think it will be December 3rd, 4th, or 5th. I hope this helps.


I think last year it was at the end of November, maybe the 30th. I do know it’s not live.


It is usually the first weekend in December-but I would try to avoid MK that day…unless you like crowds!


I thought I read it was the 6th this year.


Actually, I don’t think they have announced it yet. It may be earlier than this.


I read online that they usually announce it in October and that it is usually the first weekend in December.


We were there last year when they were taping it and it was the last weekend of Nov…


They tape it the first weekend of December. I only remember that because my ds’s bday is Dec 10th and we have gone to WDW every year the weekend before his bday to celebrate. So they have been taping that weekend for at least the last 6 yrs.

BTW…MK is very crowded that weekend…but the crowds are mostly on Main Street in the morning until early afternoon. We found that if you work it right…the lines for the rides are not too bad in the morning. But once they stop taping…WATCH OUT! And another helpful hint…trying to get down Main Street while people are sitting curbside for the taping is dreadful. Go into the first store and walk through the stores rather than on the sidewalk. Saves alot of time and aggrivation.


Friends of ours were there last year. There were there for the week and I think they taped different performances, etc. thorughout the week. I know the trip was from the end of Nov through the first week of Dec. They got to see Jessica Simpson, part of the parade, some other performers…but I don’t think all on the same day. When they televise it, I guess it just looks like it is all done the same day.


We are going to be there from Nov 29th - December 9th, so I should catch it! If anyone hears more definative plans for this can they please post!


Do they hand pick who gets to be up front for the celebrity performances. I keep hearing how crowded it is, but when you watch on tv, it looks okay.


A year or two ago we year we saw the cast of High School Musical being interviewed. They were in the grassy area near where the little bridge crosses from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland. We stopped to watch for a few seconds and then got shoo’d away by CM’s. We missed their performance because we were riding the rides.


You’re right. We were there Nov. 26th thru Dec. 2 last year and we saw Simpson rehearsing on the 29th. We saw someone rehearsing later that day and they started filming the parade on the 1st. It takes them the whole weekend to put together a 2 hour show.:ohmy:


We were there last year for the taping. We were advised and listened to CM’s about avoiding the MK. From what we were told, you sit there for hours, and we just didn’t want to waste time.


[I]That must’ve been SO cool! I love when things happen by surprise - I’m assuming it was unexpected for you… that’s why Disney appeals to me even after all these years. Its always new & exciting.



That sounds fun!:happy:


Though we didn’t go to MK to see the parade being taped (much to many people) it was interesting to see the stage all set up. Takes up more room than you’d think. Like I said, the day before we saw Simpson rehearsing (she sure is small) but we didn’t know the gal that was rehearsing that afternoon. They were both on stage and kind of hard to see. Looks much nicer on Tv, but it was fun to see. Since we won’t be there til Monday the 1st, we’ll probably miss it this year.


I would PM rowdy. He seems to be able to tell us these things quite early. I’m pretty sure he let us know last year as soon as he knew.