When do ticket prices increase?


We want to buy Annual Passes for our next trip, but we are holding off a bit, seeing that we really were not planning this years trip until last week. I just don’t want to wait and find out we are paying more than we had to, any idea when they do the rate increases? I am hoping this year they will deter from that, especially since the economy is so bad for everyone!


Usually Mousesavers finds out a few days ahead. I don’t think Disney has a set date that they raise prices. I think a few yrs ago it jumped twice in one yr. But we would do the same as you. Our trip isn’t until Dec, but it AP prices were going up next week, I’d be buying them now.


You can purchase a certificate for an AP then not activate till your trip. If you purchase the certificate now you still get your AP for that price if even if prices go up.


That’s when I’d do it I knew prices were going up. I’d just rather keep the money in my account instead of disney’s. Interest may be awful, but it’s better than zero.


Ticket prices always go up the day before I buy them.


Just a guess, but Disney price increases are normally higher than interest rates :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


That would mean I am putting the $ out now, typically on a credit card, and I would prefer to have cash ready to pay the credit card off immediately! I would rather wait until I HAVE to buy them! I will watch Mousesavers ! Thanks for the info!

Does anyone know if DVC News posts the info too?


This site gives a history of price increases. Looks like August has been it for the past 3 years. Price increase twice in 2006.
WDW Ticket Increases

The annual pass doesn’t activate until the first time you enter a park with it. I would personally go ahead and get it now, anticipating a price increase before your trip.