When do tickets for Mickey's halloween party normally go on sale?


We are booked for a trip for Halloween 2010.

Does anyone know when tickets for Mickey’s halloween party normally go on sale? We will be arriving on 10/30/10 and we want to do the halloween party on Halloween night, which I understand sells out early. I want to buy them early to insure we get to do this party. We have never done an after hours party and I really do not want to miss it.

Thanks for any info.


I believe that it is May of the year of the party, or somewhere close to that!!


I don’t think this years are sold out yet for any night, even Halloween night, so I’d say anytime in the summer may/june would guarantee you tickets. It is awesome, you will love it!


MNSSHP & MVMCP tickets go on sale in mid May. I know in past years, weekends and the closer you get to Halloween, the tickets sell out more frequently, and earlier. It is a great time, you will not be disappointed.


I thought it was usually around Memorial Day that they go on sale. MNSSHP is definitely a must-see ticket event. You get to see alot of characters that aren’t normally out.