When do you book?


I found out DD’s school vacation dates for next April, so we now have an exact date for our next WDW trip. When should I book it? If I book it now and the rates go up next year am I locked into the rate I booked it at? If so, that is the only advantage I can see in booking this early. Are there any others?


Well I think as soon as you know its a good idea to book. That way if any discounts come out, you have a pretty good shot at getting them applied to your reservation. This way you also have a better chance at getting the resort & room you want.


I would simply book now out of fear that my resort will be sold out if I wait. Then I would be kicking myself. :eek:


I always book as far out as I can. If nothing else, I am assured of getting the exact resort/view I want, and I know my special requests are down nice and early. Hey, what do you have to lose? The deposit is refundable up until the 30/45days anyways!


I book as soon as I know the dates that I want to go. I have booked over a year in advance before…lol


Definitely book as soon as possible. Any discounts that come up can be applied to your reservation.


I say book it now. All you have to do is put down the deposit. The rest isn’t due until something like 45 days before you go. You’ll get the resort you want, which is important given the fact that it sounds like you’re going during a spring break. And, as stated before, if there are any discounts, you’ll still get them. We booked in January for our December trip. Now I don’t have to think about that part of it anymore . . . except for paying it off, of course :wink: .


I always book our room as soon as I have our dates. I worry about not getting the resort or view we want if I wait too long. You can always call back and add a discount if something comes out.


AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! You can always get the discounts applied to your reservation. :mickey:


The original question was being locked into the rate you booked at.

I was told by a CM–and this may be bad info–that you can’t be guaranteed current rates for a reservation in the next calendar year. In other words, I can book a room now, but I won’t have a final quote of cost until the 2007 rates are published.

Of course, if you are going regardless of the rate increase, book now to get the resort you want.


That’s what I think I had heard as well. Also, when I tried to “pretend” book online it wouldn’t let me put in a 2007 date. I’m guessing that’s b/c the price isn’t “guaranteed”.

Thanks for all of the encouragement! I am planning on booking this week!!! :wub: :wub:



I just called and was told that package rates for 2007 won’t be available until mid-June for next year. I normally book room only, but we want to do dining plan next time. Guess that answers my question on when to book! :crying:


i tried to go on the WDW website to lok into moderate resort but there is nowehre to put in discounts like AAA or AARP etc Im sure there used to be. am i getting more senile or what?


I don’t recall ever seeing that.

SSN, why not try Mickey at Mousketrips? He can get you started.


Just spoke to the nicest CM!!! She told me that I can book a “room-only” reservation now, so that I’m guaranteed a room and then when the packages come out I can add that on. She did say that when (not if) the rates go up for next year, my rate will go up too. But I did book my room for next year at the Beach Club, yahhhhhhh!!!