When do you pack?


We will be in Disney June 7th, but are leaving in 19 days!!! I want to start packing, but I know that my husband wil think that I am totally crazy!! Does anyone else feel the need to start packing early? When do you usually start?


I leave Sept 11 and I’m already putting things in mu suitcase now. I know I’m nuts but I will never forget the time I forgot underware and socks and the taxi to CVS and back was well over $60 so yeah I start packing now.


I’ll make some lists & organize everything maybe 2 weeks before our trip but the actual physical packing I do maybe 2-4 days before we depart.


The night before–Dana’s list in hand.


Night before, if leaving in the morning. Or the morning of, if leaving at night.


Love the shoes.


For our first few trips we would start gathering stuff in the suitcase about 30 days out, but the more we go the more I’m comfortable packing closer to departure…the kids are usually packed 3-5 days before the trip, so is DH and I’m a couple of days out. I did forget allergy meds over our past Christmas trip and regretted it since there’s not a big variety available on property and of course DS needed it this trip…poor kid didn’t enjoy the trip as much as he could have, good thing we had 4 trips this year! Now I keep a bag of bathroom stuff on a shelf in the closet that’s ready to go.


About a week out seems sane to me, but that is just me, I fully understand those who take longer. It is soooo easy to get something. We are leaving 1 month from today (yay) and I am already clothe shopping and making sure I have what I need.


I start setting out piles and organizing things in my living room (since we don’t use that room much) a couple of weeks before. I get the suitcases out a week before and start packing them right after that!


My DW will start packing a few days prior to leaving, but she is buying stuff for the trip already…


I don’t start packing until a few days before our trip. I hate having the mess around and if I pack too soon I just pack and unpack over and over because I forget what’s already packed.


I’m pretty much packed for a mid-July trip right now.


I just started gathering ponchos and sunscreen this morning, but I won’t really pack until the day before.


I like to make my lists about a month before and go over and over them to make sure we’re not missing anything and then begin packing about 10 days ahead of the trip and wrap up my packing by 1-2 days before leaving. We drive down, and I like for the car and everything to be ready to go the night before we leave.


I’m pretty much like Wishy. I start a list of what I want to take about a month out, but I don’t pack until about 2/3 days before we leave.


ummmmm, i leave tomorrow in the early morning, and i haven’t packed yet LOLOLOL :laugh:…but seriously, don’t tell dana (the packen kracken).


Dana would kill me but usually the night before. That’s usually because I am too lazy to do laundry until the day before and that’s when everything is finally clean.


I usually started about two weeks prior to our trips.


The night before, I am sooooooo last minute!

My DDs always say “Mom why are you always so frazzled before we go to Disney??” :laugh::laugh:


Usually a day or two before. with the last things going in just before we leave. We don’t want to have clothes sitting in suite cases for a long time prior to going, and some things would have just been washed just before going anyways. It is also easier for us, as it is just the two of us.