When Does Daisee Get Back?


I Know She Will Have A Good Tr I’m Beginning To Need A Disney Fix


She should be back shortly. I got a postcard on Monday, I believe.


Yes, I miss her posts!! They are always so full of good information!!



Just got back late last night. Been gone for 10 WONDERFUL days. Rlander and I will need some time to get a TR together, but our trip was FANTABULOUS!!!


Welcome Back!! Glad to hear you had a fantastic time . . . can’t wait to hear all about it!!! :happy: :wub:


Welcome home Daisee and Rlander.


Welcome Home. Can’t Wait To Hear All About It.


glad you had a great time cant wait for a trip report I so desperately need a vacation …


WELCOME BACK!! And thanks for the postcard pixies** the kids loved them! Zane, my DS11, actually thinks that I’ve been calling :mickey: Mickey and updating him periodically on our trip! It was priceless… couldn’t have done it without you; thanks again! :blush:


Welcome back you two. Can’t wait to hear about your trip.


You are most welcome!!


Hooray, welcome home! :happy: I am so excited for your TR!


Welcome home!! We can’t wait to hear about your trip!


Yay, the Daiseelanders are back and from the photo in her avatar, I think the ladies had tea at the Grand Floridian


Did the big pink letters in her signature tip you off at all?? :laugh: :laugh:

(Sorry. Feeling sassy today! :blush: :tongue:)


Isn’t that a cute picture? Welcome back Daisee and Rlander.