When does everyone start packing?


So, I have 46 days until Disney!!! Just wondering how far in advance everyone here starts packing or getting stuff together for their trip! I am so excited for my trip, that I find myself starting to get stuff together for my daughters and I, and then I come to my senses and tell myself that I still have 46 days or so!
So, I was wondering when everyone else starts packing for their trip??? Is there anyone else that is as crazy as me??? LOL


You are not crazy. I have 25 days to go and I have had some of our things set aside for the trip for about 6 months! I am now going though everyone’s vacation clothes to see what else I need to piece in. I have my list of medicines, toiletries and such that I will probably pick up this week and set aside. I usually do not actually pack our suitcases until the week leading up, as I monitor the weather, but I have a laundry basket for each person with their things in it. That way I can easily see what I have set aside, add or delete anything as the weather changes and I will actually pack the suitcases a few days before we leave. Doing all this may seem crazy, but I feel like it makes the trip come faster.


It depends for me on how long we are staying. If was just a few days, then usually a day or two before. If it is a week, then about 4 days before.


If I start packing any earlier than 48 hours out for any trip, that’s a lot.
Especially when heading up to Orlando, I really don’t worry about leaving anything behind.
I always make a stop at the Publix down the street from the highway entrance where I get on the Turnpike for ice and possibly some snacks or needed toiletries.
If I realize afterward we’ve forgotten something like that, there is a Publix and a Walgreen’s in the home stretch on Osceola Parkway. Same goes for last minute shorts, tee shirts, socks, or even new running shoes, there’s a Sports Authority on Osceola Parkway.
Frequently I’m doing laundry the night before and I’ve also been up late picking CDs and DVD.


For the dry goods, non perishables, wine, etc in the unit we get those together the wekend before we leave. DW and I pack our clothes the night before and ice down any beer. We wil stop on 535 at the supermarket for drinks, fresh fruit, veg and dairy.


We started packing three months in advance. We made a list of all the things we would need and then started picking them up with coupons and watching for sales. Somehow, just slowly filling the suitcases added to the fun for us. Even DH got into it because he loves to use coupons and so would get free toothpaste, shampoo etc. and add it to our stash.

I don’t think you’re crazy… Unless I’m crazy too?:blink::laugh::happy:


:blush: uuuhhmmm, well I usually start the evening before I leave. I start making a list of what I must not forget earlier, but the actual packing begins the day before I leave. I know. I know. :laugh: But I never seem to leave anything!


I am curious. Those of you who pack the day before, are you packing for kids too? If so, my hats off to you.


No I do not pack for kids. I sometimes take my friend’s children with me so their mom packs for them and then I double check their bags to make sure that they have everything they need.


Actually, DW packs for herself and she waits even longer than I do.
For overnight trips, we’ll probably throw some stuff in overnight bags about 30 minutes before we walk out the door.
There is an advantage to living 200 miles south. The weather is generally the same.


Yes, kids too.


We have a bag in the attic that is half packed all year with our Disney stuff- for example our rain ponchos, an American Kettle, American hair straighteners, our back packs, all sorts of cool stuff that we only use in the USA! All we have to do is throw in our clothes a few days before.


The night before. I keep our passes on the wall unit and grab them as I walk out the door. Of course, I only live 200 miles away and we go often.


I usually start picking up toiletries and anything we need to purchase before the trip about a 2 months out a little at a time when we food shop. That way we are not making a trip that will cost a bundle all at once before we go away. Then DH doesn’t notice how much I’ve spent either:) I also have a box in my closet with all our Disney essentials, park bag, badges, first aid bag, pins etc. Clothing, I start packing about two weeks.

I am a list person, so I have list after list going between clothing, toiletries and essentials.


I have a go bag ready in case of emergency. I think everyone should. You know know when you are going to have to rush out the door!


I have a to go bag too…if someone called me to go somewhere I could be out the door in 10 minutes…maybe less if it were WDW.


I am with you on this one. I have even started the morning of in the past. I figure if I forget something they do have stores there to buy what I forgot.


Me - a few hours before we go
My wife - she most likely has some stuff packed right now for our March trip. She will buy and put aside things throughout the year that she wants to take or the kids to wear and she has an open suitcase in our guest bedroom all the time that she slowly fills.


I might sound crazy but i packed a day or two before my trip. i pretty much always have everything planned out in my head before hand…lol


I have a packing list saved on the computer that I go by so I don’t forget anything. But I never start packing until the night before we leave. If I start before that I end up dragging things out of the suitcase that I need and then leaving them behind by accident.