When does Osborne Lights begin?


I got to see this with WishUponAStar once and it was Ahhh-maayyzz-ing!!

I can’t wait to show my kiddos!:mickey::mickey:


I think I read November 10th. We are excited to get to see it this trip!

kind of wondering though - what time does it get dark down there? debating if we have enough to time to thoroughly enjoy the lights and still do fantasmic…


It’s totally dark enough by 7. :slight_smile:


so fantasmic is at 6:30, so should we skip fantasmic? Park closes at 8 that day.


I don’t know. What day? If it’s not super busy, you should be able to do Osborne lights in 30 minutes. How long is Fantasmic!?

If this is your one chance, you gotta try and do both, in my opinion.


we’ve done fantasmic twice, and feel like we are more likely to be bale to do it again before we’d be able to do the lights again. I think we’ll focus on lights and maybe enjoy a few things while everyone else is at fantasmic, haha!


Yeah, if you’ve seen it a few times, I think I would do Osborne and take it slow.

I have only seen Fantasmic! once and I really want to see it again! I really can’t wait for Osborne Lights, though! It’s SO magical!


Fantasmic is only 27 minutes and change front to back.
This means that you’ll be exiting the amphitheater just after 7.
You’ll have plenty of time to see the lights after the show.


do you think the majority of the crowd leaving fantasmic will be heading over to see the lights too though? I don’t think I want to deal with major crowds if they’ll all be heading there as well.


Yes. I really do think that’s exactly what they’ll do.


[QUOTE=Erin;1094591]I don’t know. What day? If it’s not super busy, you should be able to do Osborne lights in 30 minutes.

In order to truly see the performing lights, you would need to devote a full hour. Whether you come and go or stay in one place on the street is up to you.
The lights feature four different songs that they fully perform to.
The performances are every 15 minutes and they do one song in each performance.
So, you can wander about and watch in bits and pieces, but if you really want to see all four songs, plan on the full hour.
The nice thing is that there isn’t really any viewing spot that is much better than any other.
The idea is to be in the middle of everything and let the sounds and lights surround you.
I just wander into the crowd with no particular place I need to stand and then just look up.


That’s awesome advice! Thanks, Soundgod!