When does spring break 'end'?


I know mid-March through April is one of the busiest times at WDW because of schools going on spring break.

My question is, when does it all quiet down? Is the first week of May a safe bet for smaller crowds?


Here is a great site as far as colleges go…I would think early May would be perfect!!

Spring Break 2008 College & University Dates


I went in early May many years ago and it was great. There are school vacations up until the end of April. Ours is at the end of April this year and many of the flights to Orlando are already booked for that week. I would definitely try for early May. No guarantee that it won’t be crowded, but you probably have a better chance.


Wow, what a great piece of information. Thanks!

Now if they could only come up with a site like that for school districts. :pinch: :laugh: It would be a bazillion pages long. But I’m okay with that! :laugh:


That is a great link, thanks!!


Wow, I feel like I have insider scoop now! Maybe a trip to Cancun isn’t such a bad idea after all, if you can be there when the colleges are in session!


With Easter so early this year, I would think most school districts would be done with Spring Breaks by mid-April. Our Spring Break is late this year…the week leading up to Easter. Not sure why the school district changed it, it’s usually the 2nd week of March…now they’ve put me smack dab in the middle of Peak Season w/crowds and higher room prices!! Oh well…we’re still going!!!


We went the first week of may this year and it was perfect. We originally planned on going in July and got the entire trip much cheaper, less crowds and weather was perfect! In my occupation, I have alot of black out times and pretty much August thru January is not allowed for vacations, so May was a great time! Will be doing it again this year same time!


I know all the SC schools have pretty much wrapped up Spring Break by the second week in April. I think May is a great time…we went at the end of May once a lonnngg time ago and it was pleasant…even with SWW going on.


And May has EC Flower & Garden Show going on, too! The best festival of the year!


Okay I’m likin’ the whole early-May idea. Now I just gotta convince DH. :wink: