When does ToonTown open?


I know Toon Town has different hours, and I’m just wondering what time they open on normal days? We have CRT ADRs at 8:15am, then plan to head over there to be one of the first in line to meet Tinkerbell. Just wondering what time she’ll be there.


If the park’s normal time is 9am, then toontown opens at 10am


10 am is correct. I did this once, and we were at the rope drop for this section. Pluto came out to greet everyone, and then he grabbed my 5 yo son and pulled him under the rope. He then took his hand and took him on goofy’s barnstormer. My son was so excited that he did not have time to think about what was happening. After the ride, I asked pluto for a picture. So he took us over to the meet and greet section and we were first to see Goofy, pluto and Max that morning. My kids were so excited!


hanwill, what a fantastic memory! We are hoping to be there early and in the front of the line, so we’ll see if we get that special treatment. BTW, my kids would love to meet Max! Too bad he isn’t around much anymore.

Thanks for the information.


From reading these posts, I think my dh and I are the only adults that enjoys ToonTown. :redface:I think it’s the bright colors of everything and all the anticipation of the young ones.:smile:


Get there early… and be on the left side of that rope… it was worth the wait…


OOHHHH sorry ---- the right side of the rope (on the raceway side, not the bathroom side). My son was speechless for about an hour. I hope that something fun happens to your kids like that too… We got there about 15 minutes till 10- but we were there in March when it was not busy…


People have been lining up at 9am to see Tink and friends so I would get there early.