When is it better to go?


Would it be better to go end of Aug or End of Sept? I was wondering crowd level


I would think (just assuming) that the end of September would be better as some kids don’t start back to school until after labor day.


i would guess end of september - not as hot, not as crowded as schools have all started.


I have been at the end of August and it wasn’t too bad. Although, I imagine the end of September would be better. I would avoid the summer if I wasn’t a teacher. I would like to go when it isn’t so hot.


I also would say the end of September. While most Florida kids are back in school by late August, there are some in other states who don’t go back until after Labor Day. With the free dining the last few years, late August through September have been more crowded than usual but still NOTHING compared to summer time.


I say late September will be EMPTY compared to August!!! We went at the end of August until Labor Day 2007 and found it REALLY crowded! :eek: My cousin went 2 weeks later and said the parks were practically empty. The LONGEST wait they had for ANY ride was 10 minutes. And most rides there was no wait at all!


I would have to go with the consensus and say end of September.


From a crowd perspective, the end of September is a better time to go. It will be a little less crowded as the kids will be back in school. It will still be rather warm and humid still, and it is still hurricane season but a better time.


Hurricane season?!?! When does that start?


End of September, the crowds are better and you can go to MNSSHP


Huricane season is June 1st-November 30th


Whoa! Wait a minute… Think about free dining! if it is going on during the end of September, I have heard that it is packed… (people can’t get reservations,etc.)
I have been there at the end of September, and it was before free dining. If there is no free dining- go then. It will still be about 95 degrees everyday though! Look at the schedule on Disney’s website, and it will tell you what the crowd level will be-look at the operating hours for the magic Kingdom. You can tell by how late they are open. One week the schedule will change to close earlier at night-that is when the crowds historically have dropped…

Either way- you will have fun at either time!


After Labour Day it’s very quiet - but I’d go along with everyone else - the end of Sept. is a perfect time.


Any time after Labor Day is a lovely time to go. Free dining had made it a little more crowded, but not roo bad. The weather is still hot though. The lines are generally short and the park hours are a little shorter too.

Hurricane season is rarely a factor. 2003 was a crazy year for FL hurricanes, normally WDW is not affected.

I hope you have a great time whenever you choose.


september is better for crowds…august (last week) is ok with crowds, but if you want least amount of crowds, I would say september.


Thanks guys… Im thinking last week of Aug or last week in Sept. I need to figure out when MNNSHP is going on…