When o When


Ok, first off I know this is asked often but here I go anyway!:wub: My family is planning a trip in Dec. 2008 the question is when. The first week of Dec. (Nov.29th-Dec.6th) is connected to Thanksgiving weekend, The second week (Dec. 6th-13th) (I read) is the cheer and popwarner football week, then the third week is right before Christmas 13th-20th. So my ? is which do you all think is the best choice? We are staying at a value this time.:blush:


Just by what you’ve stated I would go either the first or third week.:blush:


I would go third. But I will check the crowds thing in my Ultimate Guide just to be sure. :happy:


I’d go the first week or the 3rd - the 3rd might be surprisingly uncrowded. Dec. 13 - 20 is kinda in the “cusp” - the Thanksgiving crowds have left and the Christmas week crowds haven’t started up yet.


I’m also planning for Dec 2008 and when I called the reservation # the lady told me that the 1st week is the sports week. I wanted to go Dec. 1-7 and she said the value resorts will sell out quickly that week but that the park crowds are not really affected. Good luck with your plans.



I have been there all 3 weeks and it seems to have been the same each time. In the past the crowds were greater the closer you got to Christmas, and the week right after Thanksgiving were the slowest times. This has changed over the past 3 years and the crowds have leveled off over all 3 weeks.


Thank you all for your thoughts!!:heart: I think I am leaning towards the third week. I looked on the popwarner site and it says the 7th through the 13th I hope I am not mistaken. Well again thanks so much for your thoughts.:wub:


Id say the first week and that’s when we usually pick and love it


I would go the 3rd week. That is usually when we go and the crowds are not to bad.


I’d go the third week, if it’s an option. And then when you get home, you have some vacation time in place to get all that vacation laundry done!!!


I vote for the third week…it seems like the first weeks of December are all pretty much the same now (from what I’ve read in TRs), and by going the 3rd week you are ruling out the sports groups, and heading off the Christmas crowds.


I’d have to vote for the 3rd week too, it sounds like the best bet! You’ll have a blast either which way though!


I am pretty sure we decided on the third also!! Thanks so much for the help! I like the idea of having extra time to recover when we get home!:blush: Being on the west coast just the flight alone is hard to recover from! lol anyway thanks again!