When On The Basic Diniing Plan


And Lets Say You Go Eat At A Cs And You Don’t Want The Desert At The Time Can You Use That Desert Later Or Is It Just “gone”?


The dessert is considered part of the sit-down credit so if you choose not to use it, it is “gone” with the meal.

However, you can use your snack credits for dessert-type items throughout the parks if you choose not to eat dessert with dinner and decide you want something sweet later.


Yes, it is gone.


Thanks Here Is Another ? Is Like The Tinker Bell Glowing Clip Included W/ The Drink Or Do You Purchase It Seperate? Thanks For All The Help


I think you purchase that seperate. I don’t think you can get that with the dining plan.


At the water parks, the CS meal comes with an ice cream dessert, but their lunches are huge! So we ask for a coupon thing for our dessert and we go back after we are again hot and hungry and cash in our coupon for our ice cream. The water parks are the only place I remember being this way, but it is a really nice feature.


We always get the dessert and keep it later to enjoy while watching the fireworks or parade! CS desserts are always packaged in either plastic or a wrapper!

We got the drinks with the blinking tinks (Capt Hook they have too) at Mama Melrose while we were on the dining plan, and they were added to our bar tab, which you pay for out of pocket! I think they were $4.95 each . . . the tinks are ADORABLE, and the girls wore them clipped to their ponytails when we went to see Fantasmic! :happy: Everyone asked them “where did you get those!” :wub:


Wow that is really good to know…I had no idea they would let you do that! I can’t eat a lot in one sitting when I’m at the water parks, but I get hungry frequently from all that walking/swimming!


Gone…you can take it with you however.


I didnt know that either- wow what a useful post thanks!


Several servers have offered desserts to go but it’s too much work to carry food around in the parks so we always passed.


You have to purchase it seperate…Unless you can sweet talk the server…


Most desserts at CS are prepackaged. We usually get a brownie or something so we can take it with us and have a snack later.


I was always able to grab a water or soda in place of the desert to go. Hope I an do that again this year.




If you don’t want dessert, lean over to the next table and ask if they want it. Spread that Disney Magic! It always comes back!


That is a nice suggestion. So even w/ counter service you get drink, meal, and dessert? I love the dining plan!!