When should I expect my Disney Package?


How far in advance does Disney send the package with all your reservation info. and luggage tags?


We got our magic express stuff about 30 days ahead!


I usually get my package very soon after I mail in the last payment. I want to say within two weeks of that usually.


I just got ours it was 32 days out when we got them


We received our DME info and tags last week for our October trip.


I heard that the lastest, you should get it at least two weeks before your trip date… if you don’t get it give them a call.


We got ours last week. So about 30 days give or take.


we got ours between the 25-30 mark and ours was paid in full upon booking in July.


I received everything except out luggage tags early. We are going in early October. I finally called two weeks before and our luggage tags arrived last weekend.