When should I request my card?


How far in advance do you suggest I request my rewards card? We leave September 23rd. I want to make sure I do it early enough that I get it but I don’t want to do it now just in case something happens and we don’t go (better be going because I already have our airline tickets but you never know what can happen).


I’d give it a couple of weeks. It only took a few days to get mine. They usually say it will take up to 10 days to receive. If you ordered it in the beginning of September you should be fine!


Hard to say, since you are up a creek if it gets slowed down for any reason. I think the expiration dates on the card now is either 2007 or 2008, so if you did get it, and couldn’t go, you would still have time to use it. You can also transfer over the minimum amount (it is $10 or $20, I can’t remember) and order the card, then transfer over the rest right before you travel.


Last year we went in June and I went ahead in January and request my card…just cause I was alittle anxious…all you will need to do is a week or so before your trip is call and have the additional $$ switched over to the card. It sure is nice to pull that card out for suvniors instead of paying cash for them!!!


I never thought about doing that. I think I will go ahead and order it in a couple of months with the minimum and then do the rest.

Thanks everyone!


I called about a month before and got mine about a week later.


I say at least a month before, just to be safe. Thats my plan.


Woohoo! Now I know when to order my reward card too. :slight_smile:


See? Stick with us KittieChick and you will know everything Disney! :tongue:


Dont think I am nuts but what is the the rewards card do and how much is it???


^^Yep, that’s why I like it here!


Hiya Bride, and welcome to DC. We are talking about the Disney Visa rewards card. You get ‘points’ for all your purchases. You can use the points on Disney stuff just like cash.


You can also get the card at DTD. I had called to order mine for our past trip and did not receive it before I left. I did this during the busy holiday mail season, so I knew it might not make it. The person that I spoke with when I ordered the card told me that if I did not receive it before I left to go to the Disney Visa card customer service area at DTD and they would give me a rewards card then and there. It only took about 5 minutes to get my card and I was able to use it within an hour.


I recieved my card in 1 week from when I ordered it. I am hoping to purchase our park tickets with it as we have almost $900.00 accumulated.


WOW that is a lot of points!


I wouldn’t cut it too close. I ordered mine two weeks before we left. It arrived the day before we left. I was in a panic wondering if it had gotten lost and wouldn’t arrive on time.

We also put the 20 dollar minumun on it and filled it up online after we received it, just to be on the safe side. This worked out really well.


Holy Moly Batman! That’s a lot of charging going on!

I called and asked this question not too long ago. I was told it generally takes 2-3 weeks.


we are using ours when we go next week (10 days and counting !!!)


Have ours with just the minimum $20 on it. When this statement closes out in a couple of weeks I will get everything transferred over for our trip at the end of September. We will have around $630.00!!!