When to Book?


so my gf and i have decided that a disney trip is definitely in the cards for 2006. we’ve both scheduled a week of vacation for the week starting Dec 3rd and are driving down. we are definitely going to do the dining plan since all the feedback i got was positive on the plan and it will most likely save us money in the long run. we are in the air between staying at POR/POFQ and the Pop, that will come down to whether or not we want to spend the extra money. the issue now is how early should we book our trip?


oh another thing, can someone tell me how to put a countdown in my profile? i really want one now that i know i’ll be going to the World this year.


I would go with POFQ. I stayed there this past october and loved it! I would book now. It’s never to early to start paying or planning on a disney trip. As for the countdown, type countdown in the search engine and a thread titled “countdown instructions” will pop up. I can’t wait to hear all about your upcoming trip plans and if I haven’t said it yet, “welcome to Disney Central!”


We’ve already been booked for December 2006 for a month! :slight_smile: I’d say go ahead and book today!

POR and POFQ are lovely. I’ve never stayed at Pop, but I think it’d be fun, so you’ve got a tough decision there!


It’s never to early to book! Welcome to DC! :mickey:


I’ll echo that… it’s never too early to book!


You are driving from MAINE?!?! WOW, what a trip! Is that like 30 hours by car? I thought I was going to go stir crazy doing NJ to South Florida. :blink:

Anyway, to answer your questions… I would book as soon as you have the money to book. It can never hurt to ensure exactly what you want at which resort. As far as the resorts go, I would vote for POFQ. I don’t think you mentioned having children with you and Pop, to me, seems to be more of a resort geared towards children. In my opinion it can get very loud and all the hubbub makes me crave a more quiet, easy going location. POFQ is exactly that! I think two adults would LOVE it there!

Good choice on the dining plan, btw. :happy:


Book it now!!
And I prefer Port Orleans over Pop Century… Pop didn’t click with me.
Then again it was probably the people rooming next to us. Heard their baby crying at least 5 times. Fortunately it was their last night.


Book now! Book now! I like to book as far ahead as possible because then its “official” for me!

Have fun planning!