When to fax over a room request


I want to fax a room request over to the Poly for our trip. See, on our first night (9/9/08), we have a room only reservation since we aren’t even getting into MCO until after 11 PM and I didnt’ see the point of adding a day to the whole package. Our package reservation starts on 9/10/08. I want to try to get a room upon check in that I won’t have to move out of in the morning. Also, I’d like to try and have the room set up with a crib, since it will be so late when we check in and I’d like to just tuck the kids right in when we get there. So how far in advance do you think I should fax the Poly?

:whistling I was also kind of hoping that if I mention we are coming in to celebrate my 30th birthday I may end up with a nice view or upgrade…you know, just by chance…:whistling


I believe Disney stopped taking faxed room requests a couple of years ago. You can have a CM make a note of a request hen you book (or call to add it) but any faxed room request will get tossed. It got out of hand and the resorts were getting hundreds of rooms requests a week and had to end it.

Call and had a request noted on your reservation and then ask again when you check in.

We did exactly what you’re doing and got an upgrade on our first night to match the view we had booked for the resort of the trip. Also, last June we didn’t check in until almost 1 am and we were still upgraded even though we were one of the last to check in that day.