When to go? New Years or Presidents Week?


We are trying to plan another trip to WDW. We were going to go for Presidents Week to avoid taking the kids out of school but everything I am reading about the crowds is scaring me. So, I was thinking of flying down maybe Dec 30 or 31, 2006 and staying for the week following New Years till about Jan 7, 2007. How are the crowds the week right after New Years??
Any info at all would be SO appreciated!!!


We have done this a couple of times. The crowds after January 1st are very low so it is a good time to visit the parks, however, December 30th and 31st have to be one of the busiest times at the parks so you are going to have a lot of pacience.



I recomment you visit this site for info on expected crowd level for your travel dates:

TouringPlans.com - Plans which save you time and effort



We’ve been at both - and I’d go with January. You will have crowds on Jan. 1 - maybe even 2, but after that - tumbleweed country.


How about BOTH???

LOL – You can’t go wrong with either. They have longer hours and special events planned during busy weeks, so you will have plenty to enjoy and plenty of time to enjoy it whichever week you choose! Have fun!


I have never been there president’s week, but got there Jan 3rd this year. The crowds were low! love going in January!


I would definitely go with January. You’re going to have a crazy first few days over the New Year, but after that you should have the place to yourselves! I think that would be a welcome break, dealing with the crowds the first few days and then getting everybody to clear outta there for you! :mickey:


I would DEFINITELY go in January. We went there right after Christmas and it was really busy. :pinch: :ohmy:


THANK YOU SO MUCH ALL OF YOU! I figured the January week was the better choice, I just was not totally sure since the Marathon is the weekend of Jan 6 & Jan 7, 2007. I am wondering how much the Marathon will effect the crowds that week but I would think it must be better than Presidents Week.
(at least I hope so!) My son will be in sixth grade and he will miss 3 days of school that week in January, that is not so bad, right???


Don’t worry about your DS missing 3 days of school. My DS missed a week in January in 6th grade. Within a week, he’ll get all caught up, and back in pace with everyone.


You still get in on the holidays and then have the parks to yourselves, sounds great!


So apparently, I’m dumb… because I’m not really sure what President’s Week is.

BUT! I’ve heard very good things about the beginning of January!


The marathon really has no effect on the crowds…



Sounds like a good plan then! Thanks everyone!


…and even if it did, you’ve still got a GREAT few days in there where you’d have the place to yourselves!

You guys are going to have a blast, I wish I could go there at that time of year! :smile:


That is ok! I don’t think Florida schools get the week off of Presidents Day, only northern states…