When to go?


DH and I have just decided to go back to WDW. I am so excited. Now the question is when to go. We are going to go in Nov. or the beginning of Dec. The two weeks we are looking at are Nov. 15th thru Nov. 22nd (the week before Thanksgiving) or Nov. 29th thru Dec. 4th. (the week after Thanksgiving.) If we go the week of the 15th DH has off and we could go for two extra days. If we went the week of the 29th DH would have to call out 3 days and we would only be able to go 5 days not 7. Normally I would jump at the 7 day week, but there a few things that may make me choose the 5 days.
1st- Does anyone know how the crowds are the week before Thanksgiving? We have gone the week after before and LOVED it. Hardly any wait for anything.
2nd- Does anyone know when they decorate for Christmas? Again the week after is just beautiful and I would love to see it again.
3rd- When do they generally start MVMCP? This is another event that I would love to incorporate again, but really think they don’t start this until the last week of Nov.
So, I guess it boils down to: would you pick 2 extra days or go the week you absolutley love??


that’s a toughie - i’d go for 5 days if it was the only way to see the decorations and MVMCP. if both are available the week before, i’d for 7 days.

didnt help ya, did i? sorry! glad to hear you get to go though!! congrats!


The week after is better for two reasons.

  1. less crowded
  2. the christmas decorations are up and you can go to MVMCP