When to go?


We are planning our Spring 2013 trip and my DH and DS dislike the crowds. Any suggestions on best time to go - anytime Mid Feb through April.



We went 3rd. week in April and it was perfect!!! Low crowds and nice weather.


Third or week of April or anytime from 2/1 - 3/7 Excluding pres weekend


That certainly depends on when Easter is.
A late Easter WILL cause major crowds in WDW for the week starting Thursday before Good Friday and usually persist for the next 8 days into the second week of April and even sometimes into the third week.

Late January through mid February are usually very low crowd times. Just avoid MLK weekend and Presidents’ Day weekend.


You have to look at Easter and any spring breaks. New England tends to have an April vacation vs. a March break.


Easter is March 30 this year, so third week of April should be fine.


Mid-Feb will give you the lowest crowds. :slight_smile:


Avoid spring break at all costs. Other than that weekends will be more crowded with Flower & Garden in EPCOT but nothing like weeks around Easter.


“When to go?”
That’s a little existential for these parts :laugh:


I went about three weeks after Easter one year, towards the end of April. It was wonderful. The weather was perfect, and crowds weren’t too bad, probably about averaging 20 minute wait for rides.