When to say when?


As many of you know, I’ve been planning and posting here for a big trip with extended family in April. Unfortunately, we are now just under 2 months away and still don’t have airline tickets. The prices have been incredibly high and in the few situations where the prices dropped a bit, everyone was not on the same page about purchasing.

I feel that we have now reached the point where we have to seriously consider scrapping the whole trip. We are using DVC points, so cancelling at 31 days out is the absolute last minute we can cancel, but I am reluctant to wait that long. We have the bulk of our accommodations booked, but do need to make additional arrangements for the last night. I don’t want to be booking airfare at the last minute and then scrambling to find arrangements for that last night during peak season.

I guess I am wondering at what point to pull the plug? How long would you keep the trip plans in place while waiting for a more decent airfare?

Obviously, I am incredibly disappointed that this is even a possibility now, but it is what it is.


Is everyone coming from the same area? What about saying, we will meet you there, and telling them about the cancellation date. That it is set in stone, and that they will still have to be responsible for their portion of the trip if they do not commit to their tickets )or driving) or whatever they are going to do.

I would hate to cancel too, but everyone has to get themselves there-that should not really be your responsibility…


Karen have you checked TF Green instead of Logan?? I too live in MA and Southwest is usually the cheapest for us.
Check everyday, several times a day. I’m always amazed how the prices change in a blink of an eye with Southwest.
~Good Luck


Also consider trecking to LaGuardia or JFK. Pam had to fly to RI when her Dad had a heart attack. Fying and renting a car from JFK was $150 cheaper than Logan, and $220 less than TF Green. Both were round trip prices from SC to JFK.


Karen, I’m so sorry about this. A way too much here is at stake. I would give everyone until the end of the week to confirm and then see where you stand - perhaps there are still a few that’ll be on board. You might have to change your accomodations, but at least you’ll know; and if you have to cancel, you won’t lose your points. I’m really hoping that you get to go!


I would go along with hanwill and (if they are still on board with going) tell everyone we will all meet up when we get down there. Are these people paying you for their “share” of the trip? If so get that money and take the question out of the equation. Canceling would be the absolute last option. Good luck with all of that and I hope it works out for you to be able to go!


So, was everyone waiting on everyone? I would give all participants a date to get their tickets by. Then take a headcount and adjust your reservations by how many are going, and how many decided to stay home. It seems like you have taken on all the stress of this trip from the beginning. Not fair to you to miss a vacation because not everyone would get on the same page. Hope it works out for you that you still get to go.


Hi Karen,
I know how you feel. We had to cancel our upcoming April trip because the airfare is so outrageous!
$3000-$4000 for 4 of us, round trip from RI or MA on SW or Jetblue is crazy:eek:. So disappointing!!
I tried NY - NJ - NH - CT, they are all in the same price range.
Price gouging at its best :mad::mad::mad:



I forgot about Newark, NJ. Dad flies direct to FL all the time. Lots of flights on Continental.


Thanks for all the advice everyone. I feel like I am glued to airline sites - Southwest, JetBlue, AirTran, Kayak, Yapta, Bing…it is ridiculous.

If it works out that we can’t get the airfare, none of us would go and we (my immediate family) would just end up using the points for several smaller trips later in the year. I would never choose to go to WDW at this time on my own. We had to go during a school vacation because we have some school aged kids and teachers in the group.

I think the end of this week is going to have to be the deadline. The lodging for this trip was a gift from my parents to the rest of the family so no one owes us any money. They would only owe for the extra night of accommodation our points won’t cover which isn’t booked yet.

I still have my fingers crossed but need to be realistic.


Are you going during Easter week? If so I don’t think the prices will go down. I was looking at fares for months (flying out of Hartford, CT) and not only have prices not gone down, but many are showing sold out. We use SW and now Jet Blue too so we can get direct flights.

We switched our trip to May and when we first looked into it flights were $160and then went down to $79 verses $249 for April break.

Good luck - hope you can still take the trip!


At least you won’t lose your points and will be able to use them later in the year, it’s hard getting a large group together.


We are flying into Sanford and saving about $250 per ticket on Allegiant - but you have to be careful of all the “extras” that Allegiant charges (like seat fees) - still worked out cheaper for us to fly into Sanford and have car service (or rent a car). Good luck!


Ugh…I’m sorry you have to make this decision! But, Easter airfare prices are always outrageous. I doubt they’ll go down from what they’re at now. I think you should do what others have said and set a deadline. If you feel it’s too much money, then cancel.


I don’t think you will do well as April vacation falls near Easter. Too many factors to keep the airline prices up. You can’t even fly into Tampa for a cheaper price. I would give until about 35 days out and cancel then.


I have good news everyone!

After much stress and aggravation and a shuffling around of our dates just a bit, we were able to make things work for our April trip. We are still paying what I consider to be an obscene amount of $$$ for airfare to Orlando, but we have nonstop flights and it is not AS bad as it could have been.

Thank you all so much for your advice and help! I am so glad that we didn’t have to cancel!


OH delighted it worked out for you in the end. Air fares have hiked enormously world wide it seems- but I am so happy you didn’t have to cancel after all.


All right. Another TR in the future. Glad everyting worked out.


YAY!! Glad to hear it!


I’m so glad to hear it worked out!