When will Disney release the June 2016 schedule?


Hi Everyone, we are planning a 2016 cruise trip and we want to do the 11 day Northern Europe trip from Copenhagen and ending in Dover. The 2015 cruise is in June, we really like the itinerary and are hoping it will be available again in 2016. We are planning on banking and borrowing to do this trip and are trying to determine how many points we will need for this trip and how many nights to use for our 2015 trips. Has anyone heard or know when Disney is going to release the next schedule of cruises, they currently go up to April 2016. We want maximize the number of points we can bank, but also want to enjoy some of the resorts in 2015. We currently have bookings for 6 nights in Aulani in Oct and various bookings for our April trip to Disney World. I have to make a decision by March 21 as to which bookings to cancel and keep. Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thx TK