When will rooms become available for booking?


Does anyone know yet? Or will be it approx. 1 or 2 months before you plan on staying there?


For your mother’s day trip? You can’t book them yet? I don’t understand why if not. That isn’t that far away.


I think you can book them now. I’d guess they have reservations up now until like early 2008.

Some people plan reallll early. I could never last that long.


Well, on the sites for the hotels we’re interested in staying at (GF and some off-site hotels), whenever I try to reserve a room for May 12-13, it says it’s unavailable…


Never mind! I guess I did something wrong last time… They’re available now. Thanks! :mickey:


I know don’t about DL hotels but at WDW you can book more than a year out. Maybe the room view you are trying to book is sold out but that seems like a long shot this far out.


Then it’s sold out. I would call Central reservations to be sure, but unavailable means sold out. Have you tried selecting another resort just to be sure? Try that./


At the GF, rooms are still available, but I’m going to check out the other hotels now to see if they’re unavailable or not.


I have another question - if you book online, will the price be the same as booking by phone? Or would using the phone be cheaper?


It’s all the same.


Alright. Thanks for all of your help!! :wub:


It should be the same price reagrdless of whether you book online or on the phone with disney. I haven’t ever heard of anyone getting a different price by calling however, you may be able to ask if there are any specials etc while on the phone where you wouldn’t be able to online. I don’t think anything is out for that time frame right now, but it surely can’t hurt to ask. The only plus side to me to doing it online is you can see exactly what you are getting and can tinker with the prices. You could always go through the entire booking process online up to the part where you pay, secure you price and then call central reservations and see if the price is different.

I am so happy that they still have rooms for you.


Are you booking at DisneyLand or Disney World? This is in the DL forum but you talked about GF.


I meant the Grand Californian Hotel & Spa :blush:


Thanks, I wasn’t sure where you were trying to book.


opps./ I have been talking about the GF (grand floridian) cause that’s what I thought you meant…sorry about that.