When will the new Mexican Cantina open?



I know they are re-doing the waterfront cantina in EPCOT, but any idea when it will be open? Are they taking future reservations yet?
Just waiting…waiting…


Last I heard it would be sometime in the fall…
I am really excited about this…I love Cantina de San Angel and I can’t wait to see how they improve it.


Is the new cantina actually taking reservations?? The old didn’t, at least to my knowledge…it was just a grab and go type of place.


The new one (from what I understand) will be a counter-service and table service place.
Here’s a blog about it
News: Italy Pizzeria, Cantina de San Angel Updates, & More | the disney food blog


yes the old one took adrs we ate there multiple times.


That was the old one inside the building. They are revamping Cantina de San Angel which is the counter service that was outside and turning it into a counter service & table service restaurant.


Thanks for the link Cinderbella! I can’t wait for some great mexican food and a beer.
The pizza sounds delish too! So many choices, too few days!