When will they release summer AP discounts?


I have been (not-so) patiently waiting for Disney to release AP discounts for end of May, but nothing yet! (only through 5/21)

We REALLY want to stay on night the first two nights of our trip now that we decided we are going to fly this trip!!! (Yay!) and it would make life much more easy if we could take ME from the airport rather then taking a shuttle from the airport to our off site hotel and then taxi’s for two days. We got an awesome rate at Buena Vista Suites for $88 bucks per night for a two room suite (w/breakfast)…and 10 of us are flying so we can split the shuttle. So the hopefully they release some good (deep!) discounts so that we can all justify the move to on-site.

Anyone familiar with the trend of how often they release these codes? We’re about 65 days from 5/21.


I’m also waiting for AP discounts. We’re staying at WL no matter what but it would be nice to save a little on our first 2 nights before we move over to BCV.


Soon I hope …for both of you. Did you look in the “front page news” history to see when they released last year for that time frame? That is your best bet. Mickey always posts them, so you can just look to see what date he posted them last year to get an idea.


So I looked it up for you guys…there was a discount until 5/23 and then nothing between then and 6/2…weird.