When will WISH make her first TRADE?


I just had to post this… :whistling

Sorry Wish!!! :wink: :tongue:

How long do my fellow pin traders think Wish will be able to resist the temptation??? Hmmmmmm? :huh:


I think she will be able to make it through February, but then she will give in during March when she sees some of the beauties that Donut is going to point out to her! :tongue: :wink:



I say next year. Wish is pretty good at that but she can’t hold herself when she sees the pins that she wants for trade :P. That’s what happened with me. But of course, I love my pins so much that I have only traded three times.


I voted during her DL trip. Wish has great taste and loves pretty things, she won’t be able to resit.

I suspect she will recieve a pin or two from other DCers to trade for them (this is your hint to set it up Goof–ask her to trade one for you so you can get one you like). That way she really will trade, but she can say it wasn’t for herself :smile: Or maybe one of our DL CM’s will tempt her with a beauty of a Tink (hint hint dizzy!).


DIABOLICAL! I like it! :biggrin:


Just don’t tell her, okay? :wacko:


I think she has already traded and just won’t admit it!HeHeHeHeHe:wub:


I say she will trade whenever I want her to.

I have a pin that she really wants. :ninja: :pirate:


I think it will happen as she’s walking through DL and sees that most beautiful :wub: , sparkly, girly TINK pin and she will break down and trade and have us in her mind the whole time she’s doing it!! :tongue: (she may even break down and trade for a pink dress Aurora pin too!). :wink:



You are pure evil Goof, pure evil!!! :wink: Now you guys are going to plant secret DC spies impersonating CMs in DL chock full of beautiful Tink pins on their lanyards JUST TO SEE if I will trade!!! I will NEVER cave!!! :ninja:

Oh oh oh, and I am ALREADY smart to the fact that somebody is going to pay off Ginger and Tessa to try and trade with me in August!!! Shame on everyone!!! :nonono2:

I am telling you & Nooooobbbooooddyyy wants to believe me, i am HORDING them ALL to myself. I will not trade a single one!!

GOSH! :angry: :mad: :angry: :mad: :angry: :mad: :angry: :mad: :angry:

:tongue: :wink:


So, let me get this straight-your NEVER going to trade?


Oh, you are SUCH a liar. You ARE kidding right???:pirate: HEHE!


Yeah, it will be within the next week…


I’ll have you know that there are at least two other ingredients that went into making me! :tongue:

So at best, I am only 1/3 evil!

And really, that sort of hurt my feelings… :crying: :wink: I prefer to be called Morally Dyslexic!!! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

Try pin trading…

Just this once…


:tongue: :wink:


hee hee Wishy…I’m taling donations to trick Jess into trading.
I’ll have to find the most glittery girly Tinkerbell limited edition pin ever BBWWAHAHAHA

I think you’ll crack befire then though…I bet you’ll get sucked in in Disneyland :tongue:


OH MY! :noo: If my DC BFF doesn’t even have faith in me WHO WILL?!?!?!? hehe! :wink:


AND wait a cotton-pickin’ moment!!! Who here voted “she will and not tell us” ??? :noo: What, do you think I am a sneaky little tricker???

(It must have been someone who knows me well) :wink: hehe.


wish - you can’t vote for yourself!!! judges! please remove her vote from the polls :tongue:

(My sister and I used to rant on to each other about how we would NEVER become pin traders and what not…but with my spending a year there I KNOW it will end up happening so I’m just giving in now)


I have faith in you Wish, but it just lies in other places!!! :tongue:




Accept it! Fights the fights worth fighting! But pin trading is a noble venture! JUST DO IT! :wink: