When will YOAMD end?


Will Year of a Million Dreams end on Dec 31? Thanks


I am not sure–but in the past they have usually ended celebrations in October but since they extended this I am not sure of the exact end date. I know YOMD’s is set to last through 2008 so I would expect it to go through at least December 31st.


Year of a Million Dreams will NEVER end! :laugh:

Seriously, I think they will end it by 12/31. All of the contests state that 12/31 is the end date.


That makes me sad! I am going back next January.


Well chances are they will have some great new “theme” by then!:laugh:


I know they will! I was just looking forward to that stay in the castle!


I really hope that even if they do away with year of a million dreams that they continue surprising people with stays in the castle. I would hate to see it shut down or only available to the rich or celebrities.


I agree. I hope it doesn’t go to just being a place for the ultra rich.


I agree, I seriously think they should continue the tradition of AT LEAST picking one family per night to stay there. I would be SOOO dissapointed if it turned into some $20k per night lottery. TOTALLY against the concept, I have faith they’ll do the right thing once the “contest” ends. [fingers crossed]


Yes sadly the YOAMD is scheduled to end on 12/31…but I’m sure the castle will still be put to good use even after the contest ends! I don’t think you could put a value on that room. :wub:


Regardless of when it ends this fall, it’s more like the “Two Years of a Million Dreams” at this point. And yet, I’ve still only gotten that one dream I was unable to use.
I understand there is an actual waiting list for the Cinderella Suite for when they cease giving it as a prize.
And don’t forget there’s also Walt’s apartment in Disneyland now as well.
(This was the site of the art gallery)



I just saw an episode of Regis and Kelly (Don’t ask. I was sick!) and a couple got married on the show. Their honeymoon present was a trip to WDW to stay at GF for awhie and then their kids would join them…

…and then a night in the Castle!!!


YOAMD is so Disney, I don’t think they should ever end it! And, if they do they would have to replace it with something much better, what could be better than fast passes, mouse ears, and a night in the castle? Plus, what would they do with the Dream Tream?


I am so please YOAMD goes on for most of 2008- we really were sad we missed it last year and so to know it will be on for our Aug/Sept trip is great news.


A waiting list?! Like for people who are going to pay to stay there, or what?

I will send Disney a long letter with a piece of my mind if they allow people to pay to stay there.


Yes, a waiting list. Yes to pay money. No, not before YOAMD ends, so don’t bother to complain.


I wish they would keep some aspects of the YOAMD though, like selecting a family each night to stay in the castle or something it would be great! Though I can definalty see the castle suite just being a money maker now :frowning:


How do I get on that list???


I’d say start with Central Reservations. If at the MK itself, ask at Town Hall.

But I can imagine the cost has to be on the order of $1500 a night, or whatever an equivalent presidential suite in one of the deluxes would cost.


I will complain no matter what if they allow people to pay to stay there. I don’t care whether it’s before the YOAMD dreams ends or not. I don’t believe they should cheapen Cinderella castle by turning it into something that a lot of people will never be able to afford.