When would you go?


Now that we know we will be doing MNSSHP on 9/29, the big decision becomes when to fly down?
With a 3 & 4 year old, would you fly down from Chicago late (5ish flight) on 9/19 or take an early flight (9ish) on 9/20?
It would be nice to get there on 9/19, but don’t know if getting in so late would mess up the timing of the whole trip.
Thanks for your input!!


We are going the same time you are! I plan on flying in on Friday night (9/22) so that when we wake up in the morning we will be refreshed and ready for the day. I like to arrive as soon as I possibly can!


I agree with Disney Fever. Arrive at night, get settled in and wake up in Disney!! Then straight to the parks for a day of fun!


I flew to Seattle with my kids late at night. They were WAAAAAY overstimulated. Too tired to hold it together, Too much going on to fall asleep.

Unless you are sure the kids will sleep, fly in the morning.


I third that. Getting in at night assures you have a full park day ahead of you. You’ll be well rested and ready to go bright and early the next morning!


We always take a early AM flight, leaving around 6am, kids are excited the night before the barely sleep, they start getting really tired at the airport, and usually sleep on the plan. Return flight, we take a 5pm flight out, do one last day… last time we did the water park that morning requested a late check out, the kids were tired from spending the morning at the water park and slept on the plane.
I would rather that they sleep on the plane, then annoy the other passengers.


I prefer to take the earliest flight. I hate getting in late, it just throws me off. My kids sleep on the way to the airport, and then we go straight to the parks after we check in.


I like going to the parks as soon as we get to WDW. So, early for us. :smile:


I think I would do the early flight and they can nap that afternoon.


Hmmm…tough question…I like to hit the parks as soon as I get in…which usually means…take a red eye and then hit the ground running. But…with kids that would be a little more difficult and besides your flight isn’t nearly as long as mine from CA. So…what was the question?? Oh…fly in the AM and then hit the parks…yeah…I think that’s what I’d do :slight_smile:


Take the morniing flight unless your children are night kids. I would try to keep them as close to their normal schedule as possible. If you take a 5ish flight, it may be late until you all get settled in and that may throw them off a bit.l The key to touring WDW with young children is sticking to their normal routine.