When you go to Disney, do you hanker for a Pepsi?


Disney has been coke only for years. Not a Pepsi in sight.


Hey, I bring my own with me or buy it over at Gooding’s and even carry it into the parks with me.


As a stock holder I say Coke is King but as a kidney stone suffer give me water…


I like Coke better than Pepsi, but I’m a tea drinker. So I voted who cares? :laugh:


For years I fought, but as I grew older I realized… Coke Is King!

I can’t even drink Pepsi now. :closedeye


Gotta have my morning shot of sugar to get me going. I bring my own pepsi.


I am a Diet Pepsi drinker. I either suck it up and drink Diet Coke or I bring my own.


I am a Diet Rite drinker. Splenda rocks!!! But to keep my hydration level up, I usually only drink water at WDW.


How can you ride coke??

a girl can never have to many diet cokes…diet coke is queen!


Looking respectable on the outside - on the inside I’m hopelessly addicted to diet Coke with lime.


I am happy to see Splenda being used in soda more now. Cheerwine, one of my favorite soft drinks/sodas, has Splends in it now.


I only drink water, unsweet tea, and milk, and so does my DD, so the whole carbonated drink thing eludes us. We have no preference on that, however I do need a cup of hot tea (decaf) to sleep at night after a long day at the parks, so if I don’t have that my day is not done.


Last thing I want when it’s that hot is anything carbonated (unless it’s beer :wink:)

Gimme plain ole Dasani water!!! Love it.

Not a big fan of Pepsi’s bottled water anyway.


Hmmm…sounds interesting. I looked them up but the host name was not valid. We don’t have that brand where I live.

To stay on topic, I do love to visit the Coke Ice Station in Epcot. I especially love Beverly. Everyone should try it once. :biggrin:


Diet Pepsi Rules… I miss it when I have to suffer through the day with only diet coke to quench my caffiene addiction.


OMG!!! It’s MerlinMatt!!! Great to see you back!!! Here’s a Dasani. Toast!!!


Cheerwine is a Major Local Favorite around the Carolinas and surrounding states.

I forget that people don’t know what it is some places. I read your post and I was like what is he talking about… splenda? lol

Certain restaurants I have to order a Cheerwine, like Lexington BBQ for instance.


Of course it is Coke, because it is the Happiest Place on Earth! Must have Coke!

And I can’t WAIT to taste diet Coke with Splenda. Mmmmm… Coke…



I enjoy Pepsi much more than Coke. Pepsi rules.

Hey Matt, were the heck have you been? You had us nervous.



I don’t really like soda so I go for anything else that’s cold - lemonade, ice tea, water, chocolate milk… it’s all good! :slight_smile: