Where are Roxie and Erin


gonna have dinner together when we FINALLY get to meet?!


Hopefully somewhere that is easy for you to locate.


HEHEHEHEHE…good one D!


Someone please give her a TomTom…she’ll find her way there and back, wherever that maybe…:wink:


I calls them as I sees them.
Erin–you are such a good sport letting us tease you and all…actually you don’t have a choice.


Yeah, she doesn’t appear to have much say in the matter…sorry Erin!
By the way…LOVE that avatar Dhoughton!


The Taco Bell on Int’l Drive is excellent.

Try the special Bean Burrito

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Wonder if we can get her an On-Star that connects straight to DC??


Things I NEED to do in 2006:

  1. Have dinner with Erin and Roxie and everyone else here on DC:wub:
  2. See Donutty Break Dance in person :tongue:
  3. Help Goof Father tend to his crops :rolleyes:
  4. Have R2G show me how to attach flying Mickey’s to all of my posts :biggrin:

what do you all want to do this year?


did you call erin in her cellphone?


Yes I did! I crank called her. When she answered I hung up!


When y’all have lunch… What are the odds I could get y’all to have a toast to The DewMan, and have somebody take a picture of y’all when y’all do it? :biggrin:


OUCH!!! I think you hit the “too many y’alls” in one sentance quota!! :pinch:


Maybe there’s a “y’all” quota in California, but where I come from, there’s no such thing. :tongue:


Ummmmmm, let me think…SLIM to NONE!!! :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:


Well, good thing you’re not an odds maker in Vegas, cause I bet my pal Erin will play along… :biggrin:


I don’t know about toasting you then, but, here is one to hold you over!

of course, now you see me how I am during the day! no make up, and wacky insane hair!


Ha ha…yeah maybe that’s it…Of course somehow…I don’t know how…ya’ll pops out of my mouth every once in a while. Why do they look at me funny??? :glare: Just cause I’m a CA native???


That was you!? :mad:

The least you could of done was breathed heavily in the phone for a minute or two.


That was the coolest EVER!!! You’re my HERO! I knew you’d come through for me… :wub:

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for the WDW toast. :wink: