Where are the characters at MK now?


We are getting ready for our upcoming trip to the World at the end of this month. My Granddaughter (who is 13 months) will be joining us at the end of our trip and we will visit the MK for one day only. We definately want her to meet Mickey & Minnie and other characters. Short of doing a character lunch/dinner where to they reside now that ToonTown is no longer?


They are up front on Main street right when you come in. First building on the right, next toTony’s (unless they have moved it this month) . Mickey is there, not sure about Minnie. Let her see them first from a distance. We did this with our 15 month old. He liked watching them, but did not want to get too close at all.


It depends on which characters you are looking for. These are the current locations before the massive changes that start the first week of October for the new bid:

Mickey and Minnie-Town Square Theatre
Rapunzel-Town Square Theatre (along with 2 other princesses. Usually Cinderella and Belle)
Donald: Frontierland Bridge
Goofy: Pirates of the Carribean
Chip/Dale, Buzz and Stitch: Tomorrowland
Pooh/Tigger: Their ride in Fantasyland
Pluto/Daisy/Snow White/Mary Poppins: Town Square (go first thing in the morning to meet them because after 2 they won’t be there.)
Woody/Jessie: Splash Mountain Exit
Merida: Fairytale Garden
Stepfamily/Fairy Godmother: Fantasyland
Alice: Teacups
Tiana: The Glade behind Christmas Shop
Ariel: The Veranda (next to Adventureland Bridge)
Peter Pan: Adventureland Bridge
Aladdin/Jasmine: Marketplace next to Flying Carpets

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much Rowdy!!! I appreciate it a lot. Hopefully she won’t be too scared of them. She LOVES Mickey’s Clubhouse on Disney in the mornings and she points to Mickey in pictures we have at the house. But I’m sure seeing something LARGER than what you’re used to when you’re one year old is kinda spooky. Maybe we’ll catch her at the right time that she’s not going thru “stranger anxiety”.