Where are the menues?


I am looking for the web site that has the menus for Canada,Morrocco,and France. I know I have seen it before on here. Please help.


Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World


Andrea nailed it. Just keep in mind the menues are not gauranteed to be accurate beyond the last time someone submitted them. So you might show up and find things changed or higher priced.


Allears keeps as up to date as possible. There’s no listing of menus here on MB itself. We just point the way over there when people need info.


Definately - a lot of the places we ate this past trip had different items than are listed on allears…but it is still a nice guide to follow.:closedeye


the Unnofficial Guide book also lists a few menus also ~ to give you a hint of what you can expect.


I wouldn’t call those menues so much as price ranges and food selections. The UG goes to the publisher months ahead of the actual release. So they can’t really afford to post menues that will likely be out of date.

The UG is GREAT for reviews and user polls–much better than Allears, I feel.


allears has the most up-to-date information…


yeah, that was covered in the second post.