Where can I find Eeoyorre


on any given day besides CP? I noticed he’s at GF occasionally, but how often. We don’t want to do any buffets on the next trip but one in our group really wants to see him.


not sure if they still do this, but there was a “character landing” at AK, down by the water, across from flame tree, behind the gift shop…I recall all of pooh’s gang being there. I think he is also sometimes in the back of the toy store in UK in Epcot…good luck (he’s one of my faves!)


Yep AK character landing is a usual spot for him! If you do decide to visit CP I recommend breakfast over dinner.


Thanks, I’ll have to look at AK. Seems like everytime we go to Epcot unless we go into the character M&G we always run into Auroa, Belle & Snow White lurking in their perspective countries but haven’t come across any Pooh etc yet, but will definitely look…
Ate B’fast with the gang at CP several times and :wub: it, but with taking a group of 1st timers as easy as it would be to accomodate unfortunately a few don’t have the funds for the buffets and need to adjust where they can. So my suggestion was in meals.


We’ve seen Pooh and gang in the back of a store in the United Kingdom in Epcot.


Boat Dock at DAK. UK at Epcot. CP at MK. Pooh’s Playground at MK.


The character landing at AK is the best spot, it is sorta hidden which keeps the crowds down.


Remember, at any park you can go to guest services and ask about specific times for meeting and greeting specific characters. If they are meeting in that park on that day, they will give you the times for the day.


UK in Epcot is the only place we have found him outside of CP. Maybe try that new Disney App from Verizon that is suppose to tell you where the characters are.


He is at the AK character Landing, and at the back of the toy store in the UK in Epcot.


Thanks, i’ll def pass this on since when we sat and worked on our “must-do” list seeing Eeyorre was the one thing for a 46 yr old 1st timer.


I was just going to suggest the same spot. they hang out in the toy store over there often.


We have seen him at the landing in DAK, and in Epcot, as mentioned above. He used to come out with the “Pooh” gang near the Winnie the Pooh ride in Fantasyland, but we did not see him there the last few times we visited–I don’t know if we missed him or if he doesn’t appear there any longer :slight_smile:


Well, Eyeore makes appearances across from the Pooh’s Toughtful Shop in the Pooh’s playground Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. Along with Pooh, Tigger and Piglet. But honestly it’s mostly just Pooh and Tigger. So what you can do is go up to any WDW cast member on cashiering and ask them where the certain character you want is, and they can call and figure it out for you! :]

Really simple, and really quick!


The hundred acre woods, duh.


I can’t believe I also forgot to mention in front of the Hat at Studios during the morning.


Once in a while we have seen him in toon town.



i have seen him near the playground behind the Pooh ride at MK… but it was a while back ago.


She’ll just have to lager around for that one since the am is when I knock out tsm, rnr etc :happy: